Genaro Villalaz García (Panamá)

Por: Genaro Villalaz García
Traductor: Jania Guardia


It is not possible to confront
wisely the rancors,
transform in forgetfullness
all the pain,
as if the words
remained in silence
illuminated by irony.

It is not possible to silence
like the prejudice
loose the divine waiting,
without caring,
the converting exiles
in barefoot editorials,
in truths engraving in foam,
like the imperturbable joy
just to reunite us
like someone incubating despair.


Genaro Villalaz García was born in the city of Panama in 1967. He was part of the Community of Young Writers José Martí. He has published his poems in the Cultural Magazine Maga, Viceversa, El Diario Panamá América, Temas de nuestra América and in the Collection of Anthologies and Homages El Afán que es una Fiesta (INAC, 1996). He obtained honorary mentions in the Prizes Gustavo Batista Cedeño (1992 and 2000), Demetrio Herrera Sevillano (1993), the Copa Frankfurt, organized by the Embassy of Germany (1995), the Second Prize of the Municipal Competition of Poetry "León A. Soto" (1995), the First Prize of the Competition Demetrio Herrera Sevillano of the University of Panama (1997) and First Prize of the Competition of Young Poetry Gustavo Batista Cedeño (2001). He has published: Baile de Máscaras (INAC, Serie Anthologies and Homages; Gustavo Batista Cedeño Award, 2001) and En los Agujeros del Tiempo y Otros Tiempos (La Rama Dorada Editions, 2003). He represented his country in the Poetry Festival of El Salvador (2002) and the Book Exhibition of Santiago de Chile (2004).

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