Rito Ramón Aroche (Cuba)

Por: Rito Ramón Aroche
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún

The Boat

Does the detritus matter much?

Or the luminosity of these days? Where

the depurations would be installed. And dust

on the road, or mud. Do the dwellers poke around?

The smoke let loose. Flies. Because the bird of prey

was seen flying around, and dogs roaming these last few days.

Do the dogs also poke around? Listen, here tractors

and trucks are turning lumps. Garbage?

Let not night come. Here it is lived in. From here

well. And bags of bottles. Tin cans. Do they live?

The world is recyclable, oh god. The world that you created?


Última actualización: 31/07/2021