Diana Berrío (Colombia)

Por: Diana Berrío
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún


Nothing More

Why my worn out eyes?
barely have they observed reality
and they blink
they crack
they darken, they don't want to know more.

To what purpose this succession of colors?
The spread out hand for a new face,
the precise answers
and then
the same nothingness
and the room with shadows
without any of those faces,
all reduced to constant
reflections on the mirror.

A feeling of seeing
the spectacle
and turning the lights off.

No one can suddenly drive away
the shadows that dwell deep down;
scraps of so much,
on that which we are
without ourselves.


Diana Milena Berrío was born in Medellín on September 9, 1985. She participated in the second session of literature and writing of Comfama (1999) with a publication in the memories. She worked as one of the organizers of the literature talk " Nights of full moon and poetry" in the Fabricato-Comfama library from Bello during 2002 and since that same year she participates in the literature workshop "sala de Agua" of Comfenalco. She presently works in the workshops of the Project Gulliver from The Corporation of Art and Poetry Prometeo and the NGO France Liberté.

Última actualización: 15/04/2021