Fabián Casas (Argentina)

Por: Fabián Casas
Traductor: Andrew Grahan Yool


Some Time Ago

Some time ago
We were all the love film in the world
all the trees in hell.
We travelled in trains that joined our bodies
at the speed of desire.

As usual, the rain came down everywhere.

Today we met in the street.
She was with her husband and son;
We were the great anachronism of love,
The missing bit of an absurd montage.
It seems to be law: all that rots forms a family.


Fabián Casas was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1965. Poet, narrator, novelist, essayist, philosopher and journalist. He published: Fall, poems of detoxication and sadness, 1985; Tuca, 1990; El Salmón, 1996, First Latinamerican poetry prize, summoned by the magazine Prometeo; Oda, 2003; and The Spleen of Boedo, 2003. He published in prose: Ocio (Novel, 2000) and The Lemmings (narrative, 2006). In 1998, he participated in The International Program of Writers from the city of Iowa, U.S.A, where he gave conferences and participated in the poetry workshop. In 2003, he was awarded with the translation fellowship Antorchas for El Spleen de Boedo. His poetry has been translated into English, German, French, Armenian and Italian. He has also been included in numerous anthologies in Latinamerica. In Jose Luis Mangieri´s words: "we said yesterday, when Tuca was published, 1990, Fabian Casas was family".

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