Rosa María Chávez (Guatemala, Maya people)

Por: Rosa María Chávez
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún


Blood is not a mystery
it is sold, it is rented out,
it is stolen, it is given back,
it is shed, it is drunk,
it is pissed, it decolorizes,
it is now worthless, does not join or stop
it does not clot, it does not taste of iron,
circuses are raised to absorb her,
is no longer a mystery


Rosa María Chávez Juárez was born in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, in 1980. She participates in the poetry workshop in the Cultural metropolitan Center organizad by the Folio 114, her texts appear in the anthology of the USAC (Enrique Noriega workshop), alternative publications of the Folio 14 since 2003, collaborating in rhe organization of the poetry readings at a regional level, "Barriles", 2003, Industrial 2004. She has participated in several poetry readings in cultural centres, public areas and in some departments. She is member of the collective Caja Lúdica, cuenta cuentos , and participates from the theater workshop of Caja Lúdica and Rayuela (independent theater). She appears in the newspaper XXI century as personality of the year in the Literature area.

Última actualización: 25/09/2021