Néstor Francia (Venezuela)

Por: Néstor Francia
Traductor: Waleska Hernández

At the Fringes of Heaven

I live at the fringes of heaven
in this suburb of eternity

Even here rise
the songs of the immortal plaza
the ineffable chorus
it is a rumour of the waves
a perfume

Even here reaches the wind incrusted in gold
while i look nostalgic to the horizon
with the hope of seeing


Nestor Francia was born in Caracas on November 11, 1947. Poet, essayist and narrator. He graduated in Literature from The Universidad Central of Venezuela. He has published several books on political essays and social investigation. He conducts a TV and a Radio program, both of them flavored with a political humor. He was one of the leaders of The Movement of University Renovation in the sixties. He is a press columnist and currently he is consultant of the state owned petroleum company PDVSA in the area of communications. Among his books of essays are: El nido del Simurgh, 1999; and Qué piensa Chávez, 2003. Other books: Crónicas malvadas, novel, 1990 and Puente Llaguno: Las víctimas hablan essay and interviews, 2002. Poetry books: Oxiuro Colosal, 1978; Las redes rotas, 1996; y La Biblia de Agua, 1997.

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