Kendel Hippolyte (Santa Lucia)

Por: Kendel Hippolyte

Brother Bone

Not just brothers, we were close.
Death, first son of my mother
And I, we made one.
As eldest brothers will, he'd constantly advise,
prod, goad me toward my good.
He was brusque, even mocking, but without guile.
Most people found him hard: in fact,
my close friends called him Bone
(secretly) and told me he was too exact,
severe in his perspective, he was cruel.

Perhaps he was, i never noticed.
i followed, hero-worshipped him because
he was calm, wise, deep in the ways
of everything which lived - each leaf, bird, beast
or man. He taught me how to see.
There was a clarity, each thing was haloed
when Death, my brother Bone
pointed it out to me.

i never was alone.
i loved him, for his cold light that showed
the truth in things.
i miss him now.

Última actualización: 09/11/2021