Al Hunter (Canada - Anichinaabe people)

Por: Al Hunter



In the hollows between time and forgiveness
In between love and longing.
In the hollows between grace and faith
In between diamonds and the rough.
In the hollows between struggle and freedom
In between flotsam and pearls.
In the hollows between earth and sky
In between anguish and recovery.
In the hollows between darkness and dawn
In between memory and healing.
In the hollows between proof and promises
In the hollows between love and loss
Finding you.


Al Hunter is an Anishinaabe poet from Manitou Rapids, Rainy River First Nations. He has published his poetry in many journals and anthologies, including, Rampike; Canadian Literature; Boyhood, Growing Up Male: A Multicultural Anthology; Poets Who Haven't Moved to Minneapolis; North Coast Review; New Breed; and Gatherings. His work is featured along with Jim Northrup, Denise Sweet and Adrian Louis in the acclaimed anthology, Days of Obsidian, Days of Grace, Poetry & Prose by Four Native American Writers published by Poetry Harbor, Duluth, MN, 1995. In March of 2000, Hunter was named an Anishinaabe for his work in education and the environment. In the the Summer of 2000, he and his wife, Sandra Indian, led "A Walk To Remember," a 1200 mile, sacred journey around Lake Superior "to bring forth community visions of protecting the air, land and water for the Seven Generations yet to come." This is his first book.

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