SOAD ALKWUARI (Qatar, 1965)

SOAD ALKWUARI (Qatar, 1965)

Modern Ones in the Desert

We talk about many thing we don’t understand
We modern ones in the desert
The last joke in a world full of absurd jokes
Condemned by this space as butterflies in cemeteries
But this is the desert
The sand covers everything,
    Tragacanth trees,
        Palm trees,
                Camels: ships of the desert
Narrowly modern in spite of nature
                    * * *
Condemned by modernity
Maybe the birth of modernity is possible in the desert?
The modernity of palaces
    Air-conditioning hissing like a serpent,
        Mobile phones,
But this is the desert
A she-wolf disguised as a beautiful woman.

Translation by Nicolás Suescún

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