Allan Luna (Colombia)

Por: Allan Luna
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún



I am not a run of the mill criminal.
I fly.
My preys are down there.
I don't see their eyes nor do I hear their cries.
I fly.
I know they are looking at me.
I don't know how they are called, or who they are,
I don't need to know about them.
It's enough if I know where they are,
To let fall upon them
A painful rain.

My business is death and later a beer.
I don't know war.
I have not been shot down yet.


Allan Gerardo Luna was born in Bogotá on December 8, 1957. Drawer, Self-Taught (all his life) and word labrador since 1986. In 1.987 the Maestro Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, that presided the jury of The Nacional Exhibition of Artists from Nariño "Pasto 450 años" awarded him the special prize Casa de La Cultura of Nariño. In 1991 and 2006, he obtained the second and first prize respectively in The Exhibition of Artists of Nariño "Victoriano Salas". In 1989, by a contest summoned by the embassy of The Federal Republic of Germany and The Cultural Area of The Banco de la República of Colombia, he receives the first prize. In 1993, he obtained the second prize in the Departamental Poetry Prize "Luis Felipe de la Rosa". In 1998, The Cultural Review RETO awarded him with the First Prize of The Departmental Poetry Prize organizad by the Diario del Sur. From 2002 to 2004, he coordinated and produced along with Mario Fernando Mora the cultural program "Mordiente" in Radio University of Nariño. Recently within the program of Humanistic Studies of The University of Nariño, he directed the "Workshop of graphic and literary expression".

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