Nora Méndez (El Salvador)

Por: Nora Méndez
Traductor: René E. Rodas and Manuel Carcache


The Wurlitzer's crickets sounds
pink nipple Guavas
histrionic little nancites in the poor hoods of Los Angeles
schizophrenic passion fruits and mirrors
hippomaniac orange groves
the melancholic sax of the bananas
watermelon and its PMS

The entire mad house of smells
hungriness and its dead people
cellar colours
Mayan people riding street-cars
Renaissance people in a cavalcade


Nora Méndez was born in El Salvador in 1969. She has published the poetry books: Atravesarte a pie toda la vida, 2002 and La Estación de los Pájaros, 2004. Anthologized in 1996 by The University of Michigan in Poetics of the Resistance, her poetry is also represented in Woman of Salvadorian Literature, 1997, Words of the always woman, 1999 and currently her work is being anthologized in a study of young Central-American poetry by a Catalanian publishing house (La Garúa) and translated into German by the department of Hispanic-American Literature of The University of Humboldt of Berlin, Germany, for an online poetry anthology. She has participated in the second Poetry Festival of El Salvador and the First Poetry Festival of Granada, Nicaragua.

Última actualización: 31/08/2021