José Ramón Mercado (Colombia)

Por: José Ramón Mercado
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún


When the Burst of Fire Passes

God knows about the tiredness instilled by war
The poem that we want and we repeat
The anguish as a raven caws
When the burst of fire of war passes
The dragged voice of the machine-gun fire
That leaves without business the shoemaker that sews the days
The scraps of the scavenger on the street
The heavier cart of his dreams
The muleteer with his itinerant tent of mirrors
The palenquera knifed by the sun of her steps
The lottery vendor sinking in his voice
The strange concert of uncertainty of the block
The voice of the war is felt in the street

God knows about the tiredness instilled by war.


Última actualización: 10/06/2021