Omar Pérez (Cuba)

Por: Omar Pérez
Traductor: Kristin Dykstra

The victory of the Disobedients

In the crowd
a man has slyly nudged a pigeon with his foot
many times before picking it up.
There is just one life and we'll shield it with scales
there is just one life and we'll cover it with the words of others
we'll pat it slyly
several times before deciding that we want it.


Omar Pérez was born in La Habana, Cuba, in 1964. Poet, essayist and translator. Graduate on Language and English Literatura from The University of Havana, 1987, he has also made studies of Italian and Dutch language. He has published three poetry books: Algo de lo sagrado, 1996; Oíste hablar del gato de pelea, 1999; Canciones y Letanías, 2002 as well as the collection of essays La perseverancia de un hombre oscuro, 2000, National Prize of Critics. The publishing house Norma has published his versión Como les guste of the Shakespeare classic As You Like it. He has participated in the Festival Poetry Internacional Rótterdam of 2002, as well as in The International Book Exhibition. From his poetry it saben said: Poetry that takes the place of the instant with the same naiveness and simplicity with which other poets try to inhabit in the transcendence. The author uses shyness at the moment of incorporating spaces, there where relevance relies in what is efimerous. Sometimes the verse transforms into key, rhythm and song. Therefore, without intending to create literature, he enters the path of poetry.

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