Viviana Restrepo (Colombia)

Por: Viviana Restrepo
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún


Primia Blood

I will go on kissing
this war of blood
till I discover
in the abysm of the body
all he mysteries of the voice.

The one that shouts and keeps quiet
that dazes the interior of the vigil
with its prophecy
the one that turns me into salt.

Into bitter herb.

Even with only one foot
I will kiss once more
this war that gives me fever
and the wish to give birth.


Viviana Restrepo was born in Medellín, Colombia:- About her poetry, in the words of Pedro Arturo Estrada: We are born also with the first word. Word that breaks up, word that opens up as a womb and throws us from the primordial silence into the night of the world that is in its turn torned by time in incandescent wounds. For Viviana the matricial blood, the sacrificial blood, the lustral blood the different bloods that have marked her until now transform into ink that waits, that starts to pour into poetry and to burn beyond the body and the contingency of the steps, forever uncertain, in this city and these days of harassment . For Viviana, poetry is gestation of universality, laceration, slow consagration of life that agains longs for rebirth, for the revelation of otherness, the revelation of sacredness in the world. Thus, we attend; we have been invited to witness of that delivery of words that from the most obscure magma of her being convene us.

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