Fatoutama Ba

Por: Fatoutama Ba






   And I whisper these words
To the cry of the womb
And your name hollows
With the wind and the rain
Under my eyelid
Of salt and of tear
In my blood

            And I visit the corridors
            Of your humanity
             I invoke you in each
             Parcel of my existence
             Cleaving the heavy silence of solitude
             Converging towards your light

I take you close to me
Pale Name of snow
And my trembling palm

I open my way
I go through my own frontiers
I perfume the universe of your path
I row toward you

I am a wandering soul
Empty, full,
The year hurries, crumbles
Always, I would only had seen its semidarkness
On the eyelid of the night

I call you on the path of fear
I wait for you in my suffering
Open wound, immense pain
That occupies the space

I sing your name
To those who no longer believe in it
To the assassinated countries
To the mutilated hearts
To the afflicted souls

There is no limit to my continent
I open my house
Big burning

Of these nights of great cold
To invite you to the banquet
Of the hearts eager

For freedom


Última actualización: 12/02/2021