I saw you grow in my heart
                  From that mustard seedling
The tender heather
                  Feeling the spread of our roots
Tightening the hold
                  Around my organs of survival
The branches spreading
                   With the courage of dawn
Umbrella shade to the scorching sun
                   Umbrella cover to the drenching rain
Even when the leaves turned yellow
                   I never noticed
When the leaves dried
                   I guess I never bothered
Because I did not know
                  But even if I bother now
The roots are long lost time in me
                  And it wouldn’t change a thing.

JARED ANGIRAwas born in Kenya, January 21st, 1947. He has written poetry for thirty five years and published seven books of poems such as: Juices, 1970; Silent Voices, 1972; Soft Corals, 1973; Cascades, 1979; The Years Go By, 1980; y Tides of Time –selected poems-, 1996. At the moment he resides in Seattle, Washington, USA. He was the director of the Association of Writers of Kenya, until 2005, year in which he left this country. “Mine has been an attempt to cope with Forces of Mind Destruction, poetry that seeks to find meanings into what is a seemingly mundane, meaning into situations that cannot be concretized into regular prisms. They are poems that accept constant shifts in paradigm but which give strength to a moment in time where/when there will emerge joy, true love and hope out of patience and humility, honesty and sincerity.”

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