Lyerka Bonanno (Venezuela)

Por: Lyerka Bonanno
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún

Latinoamerican Poetry Magazine
No 81-82. July 2008.


I endure more than my weight
and the toads sing my death
I don't have to search anymore
I have been fast
and a lot of crafts fill up memory
untie the suture stitches

and this life bleeds profusely
leaving no secret behind


LYERKA BONANNO was born in Valencia, República Bolivariana de Venezuela, in 1981. She is a poet and cultural promoter. She has a B.A. in Education, Language and Literature from the University of Carabobo and is currently a professor at the Arturo Michelena University in Valencia. She was the director of “La Tuna de Oro” (The Golden Prickly Pear) magazine and presently belongs to its editorial committee, she is also a member of the “Poesía” (Poetry) magazine’s editorial committee; both magazines belonging to the Department of Literature, Cultural Direction, Carabobo University. She belongs to the Board of Directors of the International Poetry Meeting, the National Meeting of Young Poets and the International Book Fair, all of them held at the Carabobo University. She’s an advisor of literary workshops held by the Casa Nacional de las Letras Andrés Bello. Her published works are “Cartas de Guerra” (War Letters, 2005) and several poems featured in the “Amanecimos de Bala: Panorama Actual de la Poesía Joven Venezolana” (Awoken by Bullets: Present Panorama of Young Venezuelan Poetry, 2007) and Deleite Literario III (Literary Delight III, 2008) poetic anthologies. Her book “El Zigzag de la Máquina de Coser” (The Zigzag of Sewing Machines) is in the press. "... Poetry is a disciplined activity, even if one still believes in the existence of muses and in them bringing you inspiration, that is not so. Poetry is a daily, constant work, the poem goes through a process of elaboration, correction, revision and storaging and is then retaken, matured, abandoned or published”.

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