Latinoamerican Poetry Magazine
No 81-82. July 2008.


(Afghanistan, 1976)


“Border” - reads the sign.
How many more stops?
Are we to wait long? How long?
Your ‘orphaned’ name is written on the sign.
Eager to cross the barbed wire,
My heart beats in anticipation.
On this side:
The choking bitter ode of farewell.
On that side:
So many poems blossomed
On the lips of Qandhaar.
O’ wind! Take my kisses to her!
And adorn the cheeks of winter
With thousands pomegranate blossoms!
Now that green grass has grown from its wounds,
O cloud! Shower my tears on its body!
On this side: The long long waiting at the border,
On that side: Spring is budding on the banks of river!

MAHBOBAH EBRAHIMI was born in southern city of Kandahar of Afghanistan, in 1976. “I was just 3 years old that, the war wiped my childhood happiness with his ominous shadow, and we immigrated to Iran. I finished my studies up to bachelor of general health science in Tehran University. In early adolescence I started poetry composing and in 1998 married with another afghan poet. The result of this relation is two children, one boy 9 years old and a girl 2 years old. I am bearing another child, who will birth in March or April of current year.  My first poetry collection is “Bad ha Khwaharan-e-man and” or “Wind is my sister”.  I worked as editor- in- chief of cultural section paper “Farkhar” and also editor-in-chief of monthly paper of “Neda” which is dedicated to women.  In 2007 after so long wandering in Iran, I returned to my homeland Afghanistan, and still live with my family there.          

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