There are forty angels in your face,
Forty-one snakes – within you – you keep.
Forty glasses of poison in your eyes
All of them - with my heart - I will sip.

As the land destroyed by clever trick
Again, I am the dust under your feet.
Plunge a poniard of the fight of love
Into me eyes,
            agree with it.

I fell down…
   But what for are you crying …
You are the winner…
     You should hug the skies…
My soul’s burning not knowing how to die
Because of bitter tears of your eyes.

You are the winner…
But why are you crying?

Translation by Azam Abidov

QUAMRUZZAMAN SWAPAN was born in 1968 in Surkhandarya region. He graduated from the National University of Uzbekistan. Poet, writer and essayist, Q. Norqobil’s books include “I am the one who’s not yet 18”, “Smile a happy smile, my dear”, “A tulip in snow”, “A poppy on my palm” and “A word with Khosiyat”. His play “We are also a human being” is being staged. Quchqor is a member of Uzbekistan Writers Association and is an honored journalist of Uzbekistan. He was awarded with Usmon Nosir award. In his creative works, love, people’s destiny and war are the main theme. Q. Norqobil’s works were translated into many foreign languages. He traveled a lot and attended many international conferences.

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