Víctor Manuel Pinto (Venezuela)

Por: Víctor Manuel Pinto
Traductor: Mirih Berbin

Latinoamerican Poetry Magazine
No 81-82. July 2008.



The cross has no shadow under the body it had
from chest is sacrifice from back its passion and death from askance
over a donkey it can be around the man and his love with her
and they go father and animal and the cross between the back and his son

do not take the donkey from the reins so the light gets lighter
she will work with you who wishes warm water to the nails
true shadow with tree voice in sun set

but do not let him fly because the wickedness runs away to the back
and if the father comes from the solar body moves forward the darkness
how not to move in the light over our animal
so the lumber does not make shapes becoming calvary over the devil’s house until we spew
will be to make his chest his back and comprehend
that with the sun in his head the cross has never shadows
and walk with the shine of all the communioned


VÍCTOR MANUEL PINTO was born in Valencia, República Bolivariana de Venezuela on June 14th, 1982. He has a B.A. in Education, Language and Literature from the University of Carabobo. He works as a Publications Assistant for the Department of Literature, Cultural Direction, University of Carabobo. He founded the Literary Group “Litterae ad Portam” and is currently acting as the director of “La Tuna de Oro” (The Golden Prickly Pear) magazine. He belongs to the Board of Directors of the International Poetry Meeting and the National Meeting of Young Poets, both held at the Carabobo University. . Hhe’s an advisor of literary workshops held by the Casa Nacional de las Letras Andrés Bello. His published works are “Aldabadas” (Knockers, 2005) which won first prize at the CONAC Arts & Letters Contest and the Ministry of Culture’s A Book for Every Day Contest; “Mecánica” (Mechanics, 2005), Which one first prize at the International Poetry Contest Ciudad de Valencia and “Aprendiz de la Carne” (Apprentice of Flesh, 2007), which won the only award in the first Bienal Eduardo Sifontes organized by the Gobernación del Anzoategui. His works have also been included in the “Amanecimos de Bala: Panorama Actual de la Poesía Joven Venezolana” (Awoken by Bullets: Present Panorama of Young Venezuelan Poetry, 2007) and Deleite Literario III (Literary Delight III, 2008) poetic anthologies. “I chose an education major right after choosing a technological career that had nothing to do with poetry, but it was that experience that helped me write a book called Mechanics”, he says. Mecánica (Mechanics), according to its author, is a sequel to his earlier work Aldabadas (Knockers), in which he depicted a very familiar environment and evoked scenes form his childhood. With the maturity he has gained, he has tried to alert of the fact that  the poetry that is taught in schools is boring and obsolete, which is why he has proposed that the Universities should redefine the literature study programs. He has participated in the last four International Poetry meetings, held at the University of Carabobo. According to his opinion, what's important about poetry is the connection it generates, the human interaction “Books and poems are the result of individual or collective quests. Poetry is the search for answers that will never be revealeed. True poetry should generate disquiet, should generate questions.”

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