Omar García Ramírez (Colombia)

Por: Omar García Ramírez
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún

Latinoamerican Poetry Magazine
No 81-82. July 2008.


Can I try to sing a song in the midst of our shipwreck?
Or will it be thrown into the storm of silence?
An image?
A voice?

The image that embarks,
the metaphor sinks.
It is a raft swaying tremulously
                                    and dancing on the waves.

The tide searching
                                           a saving light in the storm.
A raft, an arm, a cry-meteor
                                           a flag soaked with hurricanes.
A terra-Medusa raft
over a sea of frozen suns
under the cosmos of white moons
charred stars, wet logs

A terra-Medusa raft
                               that breaks without its primordial oars
against a storm of emeralds of ice.
Blood of wounded stars
                                     flowing towards the firmament.

Let us not allow the raft to sink.
Let us all prop up the mast.
Let it touch shore in one piece
                                                 free of frights and fears

A soaked man shouts
waving a piece of white cloth:
More sands of nebulae!
                                    More suns!
                           A lighthouse of constellations!
More arrows of stars!...
For the bones shiver,
                                    the storm grows stronger,
                                                                                    the soul freezes!

Can we try
                        a song that may take us back?




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