Khosiyat Rustamova

Por: Khosiyat Rustamova
Traductor: Azam Abidov

Latinoamerican Poetry Magazine
No 81-82. July 2008.


A fur-cap on my head is very soft -
It´s perhaps the skin of a king of the woods.
How many - tell me - skin of rabbits
Were stripped for me to wear my overcoat?
How many good things spends for me this life,
It would be great if I grow old fast.
On my neck, there is a splendid scarf -
It is a gift of water-nymph, I trust.
An eagle-eyed bag of mine glares,
The sea sprinkles pearls to my heart.
With my top-boots in crocodile leather
To look around proudly I start.
I everyday fill the lack and worry,
Oh, my God, how I am being naughty.
Gracious me, life proceeds to bury
All the dead things in my tiny body.

KHOSIYAT RUSTAMOVA is one of the bright voices in contemporary Uzbek poetry. She was born in 1971 in Namangan region (21 March). A graduate from National University of Uzbekistan, she published many poetry collections, including “A house in the sky”, “Rescue”, “Rido” and “A wall”. She writes about love, inner feelings, a matter of life and death. Khosiyat Rustamova is a member of Uzbekistan Writers Association. She was awarded with the medal “Shuhrat” (“Fame”). Her poems have been translated into many foreign languages and distributed in foreign countries. The verses of Khosiyat Rustamova are remarkable for their thoughtfulness, desperation and modesty. Their artistic value is rich of colors. Her verses flow out of the deepest layers of her heart. The lines are fluent and the feelings are sincere. In short, future of a new talented poetess, who entered into the great poetry, is really hopeful.   A talented poetess Khosiyat Rustamova’s creation proves the fact that she wishes not just to live or just to write in the usual manner. Her writings are true. There is no lie or untrue feelings. Once she wrote: Life! If you do not remind of me, / Death would never know about my existence. // Good gracious! Does Death forget about any creation? If yes, that is Literature. If yes, that is Poetry. Suddenly teardrops come to your eyes. You will try to console yourself. Reading Khosiyat’s verses, you will acknowledge that they are really unique.

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