Latinoamerican Poetry Magazine
No 81-82. July 2008.


(Tajikistan, 1947)


The brows set
In flying-
Eyes after them,
The hands set in,
High up and high up,
Legs after them.
The heart flies up,
And the sun’s dick
Slipped down from the sky….
Dried out is tongue
As if a label,
Slicked to the palate…

Around the torso -axis
The body was revolving.
Everything, that died out
In this town,
Revived in the vortex of dance.

We twirled around,
The world was twirling
The Satan- Sheitan was twirling.
Such as over mountain’s blades
Hawk eagles are flying,
When see the wounded fallow-deer…

GULRUKHSOR SAFIEVA born in 1947, December 17 in Yahch village of Komsomolobad District of Tajikistan in the family of a farmer.  Very early she became an orphan. From 1953 till 1963 she was in the secondary school, first in  rural and then in state boarding school. In 1968 graduated the department of philology of the Tajik State University in Dushanbe city. Gulrukhsor is a poet, write, journalist, playwright, translator. She is author of more then 70 books.  Her work experience includes work in the newspaper and magazines editorial. Gulrukhsor was the chief editor of many newspapers and magazines.  Deputy Chairman of the Union of Journalists;  Secretary of the Union of writers of Tajikistan Chairman of the International Fund of Culture of Tajikistan; Deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1989-1991). Member of Union of writers of the USSR; Member of the Association of Writers of Asia and Africa; Peoples Poet of Tajikistan; Laurie of American Prize of Khamet; (1994); Laurie of Comsomol Prize (1978); Laurie of Tajikistan’s  Komsomol Prize (1976); The books of Gulrukhsor are translated to many languages of the former Soviet Union and many world countries.  Gulrukhsor is the woman who wrote a novel about the life of women in Central Asia. The books of Gulrukhsor were published more then 20 times in Moscow.  From 1989 Gulrukhsor is living in Dushanbe and in Moscow.  President of the International Eurasian Academy of Culture; Member of the Union of writer of Moscow; Member of the Russian International Pen Center; Member of the International Literature Fund; Gulrukhsor  is the author of  research work  “Understanding the rubais  of Omar Khayam Nishaburi”. More then 20 years were spent for this book. The book was issued by Iranian publishing house and became well-known. Gulrukhsor Safieva  is the President   of the Academy of World Poetry and Chairman of Tajikistan Pen Club (Anjumani Qalam). Her reading parties took place in various world countries: Luxemburg, London, Paris, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Iran, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and many other countries. Gulrukhsor is very active in bringing together and linking the cultures and deferent countries and peoples.  She is cone sour of folk music and poetry. She collected and printed the research book “Folklore of Karategin valley” This is a unique librarian book. Gulrukhsor is the author of musical pieces and also folk singer.   As commentary to her poetry Gulrukhsor world like to use the foreword to her book of selected poetry “The mirror of the day” written by world famous Kyrgyz writer Mr. Chingiz Aitmatov in 1984.….The water to the spring-water comes back again, And life, unfortunately is managed by other laws, With crowns of Djamshed and Nasr I will compare the love, Though you will come back to me, but without the crown….. This is how Gulrulhsor is singing in the garden, where many other famous voices are heard. It seems that there is a risk of not to be heard in that chorus of millennium old poetry, but she sings and she is heard….. Form the ancient times the throne of poetry in the land of Tajiks is high, and those who desire to climb this throne are also quite a lot. But there are courageous ones (everything good is given birth by people, everything worse - is enemy to people), to whom such aspiration is appropriate to their face, to their talent. They are true poets, granted by their fate. But even they need to cover the rough school of sufferings for the harmony of word and thought, prior to being mentioned in the literature with world trepidations.    Despite all these difficulties Gulrukhsor Safieva maintained the right to sing in the garden of the fate selected poets of Tajik people. While reading her poetry, you think all the time that how much can be hold by man’s heart. If this is love, it either shared or unrequited love, lost and newly revived, and countless are the shades of heart’s impulses, half-tones, shy hopes, flaming call, anger and bitterness – indeed, is it jus the same heart?! This is the heart of poet Gulrukhsor Safieva…”

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