Rosa Chávez (Guatemala)

Por: Rosa Chávez
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún

Latinoamerican Poetry Magazine
84-85. July 2008.


Give me permission spirit of the way
allow me
to walk
on this cement path
they opened in your navel
on this highway of wind
cutting the silence
permission also to you
birds that break the steel eardrum
permission to stones
permission to plants
permission to animals resisting in the fog.
Allow me to go on my way
let this anger that unhinges my eyes
pours forth in soft words,
fine, jostled, burst words,
let me pass
let my will not be lost
let me cross the ravine, the hollow,
let me please return home
before the volcanos sing
before the speech of the hils
be spat in our mouths.

Fredy Amariles


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