Angye Gaona (Colombia)

Por: Angye Gaona
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún

Latinoamerican Poetry Magazine
84-85. July 2008.



Down the pipe



I follow the way of the sternum,
I search for the origin of thirst,
I go to the bottom of a pipe of silver walls,
solid due to time,
moving when the flood,
when childhood, was freezing.

I collect the rootlets of thought.
I carry them on my eroded back
next to the wild oblivion falling from me.

They look out
from small caves,
the signs of pain,
and fast elude the looks
and hide again in the skin of the pipe.

Incribed on the walls
are the undecipherable coordinates
of the prehistoric ray
that formed my face.
It is a time of depths,
a time without syllable,
when I am only a sound
in transit to fatigue.

I search for a spring
to bathe the question affixed on my history.
I search for a new-born life
and I find thirst.

I follow the way of the sternum.


Matrix movement

My friends:
there is a bond between us,
thin as lightning,
a fuse joins us to the magazine which the earth’s waters are readying.

Day by day we do an unexplainable job:
ours is the water’s baffling agitation,
we see to being its witnesses under the eyelids.

The true mobile connection absent in the agendas of each corporate
meeting,/the rustic chord latent in the fertile bewilderment of the
discredited, the true fuse we touch four times a day,
rings inside us,
the cable that runs through each of us,
sensed at each age,
can be now amplified into the seasons.
Movements of ours, seas, friends,
nimble quiverings of time
erode us
and through the orifices left by our dealings with the sea
we make a noise close to the wind’s
as if all the tongues collapsed from the dark.
This is something you could hear coming.

Translation by Laura Chalar


Fredy AmarilesANGIE GAONA (Bucaramanga, Colombia, 1980) Colombian poet, member to Prometeo and also to the organizer team of the International Poetry Festival of Medellin during five years. In 2001 she organized the I International Exhibition of Experimental Poetry. She has also cultivated the sculpture and radio broadcasting. She lives in her natal city where she accomplishes activities of promotion of the potencies of poetry.Poems of hers have been included in anthologies, and in printed and digital publications in Colombia and abroad, and recently in an anthology of new voices of Colombian poetry published by the University of Monterrey (Mexico).In 2009, she edits her first book: «Volatile birth» (Illustrated by Natalia Rendón), and also participates in the International Meeting of Present Surrealism «The secret threshold», (Santiago de Chile), the biggest show held of the surrealistic movement in Latin America.In 2010 she carries out the experimental poem «The children of the wind», which is accessible at the web site: Her work has been translated into French, Catalan, Portuguese and English. In 2011 she is awarded with the Metropolitan Salon of the Arts «Mire».In 2012, if she is not in jail till then, she would participate in the International Exhibition «Surrealism 2012- (Pennsylvania, USA).A Special Bilingual Dossier will be dedicated to her in the next issue of the French poetical magazine «La voix des autres», to be published in March 2012.

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