Graciela Huinao (Chile)

Por: Graciela Huinao

Latinoamerican Poetry Magazine
84-85. July 2008.


Nawel Buta(1)

in the blue nights of the South
the agonizing vegetable song
of the Nawel buta
reaches my door.
I don’t know if it is
when he shakes his branches
in protest
because they have torn out his eyes
or in the moment
in which he bleeds empty the rivers
because of the cutting
of his arms.
My soul breaks
in an anguished song of Pewen (2)
and ancient voices
reach my door
but only I
understand their language
that cold with fear
glides through the jungle
to die in it.
While in my eyes
the last stars

(1) (Big tiger). Mountain chain near Temuco.
(2) The Araucaria tree.

Frey Amariles


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