Jorge Riechmann




To love can be
a drink with soda
on an acid-colored morning

or it can be to dive into a mountain lake
swim equidistant from the sky and the lake bed
hanging from an extremely naked sun

Nice girls don’t ask
for John the Baptist’s head on a platter

I know you’re not a nice girl
but just think how the head
of whatever ghost on a silver platter
would make any ballerina lose her balance

The talking heads
promise eternal life with soda
but I have chosen to cook with you
create with you fuck with you sleep
in the land that limits
the aroma of your naked body

My love
forget beheadings with soda
Come and swim in the lake where we already are

To refuse lightness’s dream
does not imply renouncing the caress of the sky’s blue skin
nor the sweet so soft mud below.


Translated by Alan Smith

Fredy Amariles


Última actualización: 28/06/2018