Tarsicio Valencia (Colombia)

Por: Tarsicio Valencia
Traductor: Nicolás Suescún

Latinamerican Poetry Magazine
Nº 86-87. July 2010.



The sea
the sea is no longer the foam
the soap of Aphrodite
it has resigned itself to be oil
its shores cast into mourning
rotten fruit

High guided birds
for the secret liturgy in stagnant water

The armored sky
sees Hat Ships passing by

Tobacco Honey Pipes Rings Necklaces
a Pirate
in the salty tempestuous air

The woman waits
with arms of abandonment
the love of the seas.


Tarsicio Valencia  (San Andrés de Cuerquia, Antioquia, Colombia, 1955). BA in Philosophy and Literature, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana La Playa School, where he has worked for more than twenty years. In his research paper, The Poetic of the New World in the Chronicles of the Indies, he synthesizes his reading in the Archivo de Indias of the Spanish American Baroque language, teaching us to interpret the chronicles as a genre close to the real maravilloso of our lyric poetry. He has written Juan Rulfo, Photographer —where he gathers the silent vortices of the images in the lens of the Mexican master— and as a  co-author of Portrait of José Lezama Lima and Fernando Vallejo, Condition and Figure, he has promoted the study of poetics and the sciences of language in the city. He has published the books of poetry Herido árbol; The Garden of the Rose; Future Sea; and the lyrical essays, Treatise of Angels and A Star by the Moon, are characteristic of the poetic maturity with which he unwinds the symbols he finds on his way to give us a song of love longing for the creative mystery. For four years he has worked with the students of Philosophy and Literature in the Open Class of Poetry “Déxima Musa.”

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