Audiovisual Memories


We present to our browsers the new Multimedia Section, in which we will gradually include one poem by each of the many outstanding poets that have taken part in the 17 editions that form the history of the International Poetry Festival of Medellín. The digitazing was done in DV Cam format and were edited in hardware of the Corporación de Arte y Poesía Prometeo (donated by the Prince Claus Fund), from 2003 to 2008. The poems were read by their authors in their different languages during the development of the Festival, and those that are not in the Spanish language have been subtitled. The inclusion of new poets will continue, as we go on digitizing the new files, and in this way the Multimedia Section will slowly gather a unique selection of contemporary poetry, of great interest for those who love poetry and have transformed it into a path to knowledge and to the transformation of their own lives and of the tense world in which we live.

In this first issue you will be able to see and hear and see 398 videos with poems by 426 poets from 145 countries of five continents.



Indigenous Nations of America




Colombian Poets


Última actualización: 27/08/2018