Bio-bibliographical Information about Invited Poets: 25 Medellin International Poetry Festival.



July 11th to 18th, 2015

Invited Poets

Basir Ahang (Afghanistan), Eduardo Dalter, Karina Macció (Argentina); Martin Langford, Samuel Wagan Watson (Australia), Winston Farrell (Barbados), Gabriel Chávez Casazola (Bolivia), Tj Dema (Botswana), Jean-Claude Awono (Cameroon), Álvaro Inostroza Bidart, Oscar Saavedra Villarroel (Chile), Yang Ke (Popular Republic of China), Giovanni Quessep, Eduardo Gómez, Jotamario Arbeláez, Juan Manuel Roca, Jesús Gaviria, Alfredo Vanín, Fernando Rendón, Jorge Eliécer Ordóñez, Juan Mares, Carlos Vásquez, Marco Mejía, Javier Naranjo, Gabriel Jaime Franco, Gustavo Garcés, Fernando Herrera, Manibinigdiginya -Tule Nation-, Álvaro Marín, Orlando Gallo, Cristina Toro, Jairo Guzmán, Wiñay Mallky -Yanacona Nation-, Vito Apushana -Wayuu Nation, Hugo Jamioy Juagibioy -Kamsa Nation, Juan Diego Tamayo, Anna Francisca Rodas, Winston Morales, Lina Gómez, Lindantonella Solano -Wayuu Nation-, Eliana Maldonado, Ángela Suárez, Edwin Rendón, Diana Isabel Pizarro, Isabel Dunas, Ronald Cano, Felipe López,  Felipe Posada, Carlos Andrés Jaramillo, John Garzón, Yenny León, Camilo Restrepo (Colombia),   Norberto Salinas (Costa Rica), Marko Pogačar (Croatia), Norberto Codina, Omar Pérez, Jesús David Curbelo, Jamila Medina, Larry González, winner of the Award Magazines Gaceta-Prometeo (Cuba), Augusto Rodríguez (Ecuador), Mohamed Salmawy (Egypt), Manlio Argueta (El Salvador), Paul de Brancion (France), Dinos Siotis (Greece), Francisco Nájera (Guatemala), Kate Newmann (North Ireland), Stefano Strazzabosco (Italy), Mite Stefoski (Macedonia),  Umar Timol (Mauritius), Natalio Hernández -Nahuatl Nation-, Juan Gregorio Regino -Mazateca Nation-, Kalu Tatyisavi -Savi Nation- (Mexico), Maria Augustina Hâncu (Moldavia), Baatar Galsansukh (Mongolia), Ayo Ayoola-Amale (Nigeria), Marry Ailonieida Somby -Sami Nation- (Norway), Ron Riddell (Nueva Zelanda), Hanan Awwad (Palestine), Dinah Roma (Philippines), Magdalena Camargo Lemieszek (Panama), Myra Jara Toledo (Perú), Ivo Svetina (Slovenia), Rafael Lechowski (Spain), Bengt Berg (Sweden) Nouri Al Jarra (Syria), Ataol Behramoglu (Turkey), David wa Maahlamela (South Africa), Moëz Majed (Tunisia), Pornpen Hantrakool (Thailand), Kevin Bowen, Katharine Coles (United States), Robin Myers (United States), Freddy Ñañez (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela).


Mohamed Salmawy  was born in Egypt in 1945. He is one of the best known writers of his country. He is a novelist, playwright, editor, poet, journalist, columnist and political commentator. He is the President of the Egyptian Writers Union and Secretary General of the General Union of Arab Writers. He is the editor in chief of the newspaper Al-Ahram Hebdo. BA in English Literature from the University of Cairo.

Among his books of poems, there is Moon and Destinies, 2013. Written along 15 years, “At the end of the poems, Salmawy described his desire that the black clouds would dissipate, and Egypt would witness a new dawn. The poems in this collection express reality and the door of imagination to be opened wide”.

Among his novels, there is Butterfly Wings, published in English in 2014, but published in Arab few years before, and recognized as a prophetic novel of the Egyptian revolution in 2011. “Butterfly Wings is an extended allegory of Egypt’s modern experience of authoritarian rule and explores the fractures and challenges of a society at the moment of revolutionary transformation.

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Jean-Claude Awoono  was born in Sa'a, Cameroon, in 1969. He studied French literature at the University of Yaounde and earned a degree in English Language and Civilization. He is a poet, essayist, critic, editor, professor of literature and cultural manager. In 1996, with some other poets of his country, he cofounded the Circle of Poets of Cameroon, which created Hiototi, a Cameroonian magazine poetry, literature and culture, the Cameroonian Cultural Observatory, the Francis Bebey Cultural Center and the Seven Hills of Yaounde Poetry Festival. He has participated in poetry festivals in Africa, Europe and China. His poems have been published in national and international anthologies, and translated into Romanian, English, Creole, Breton, Spanish, etc.

He is a coordinator of the World Poetry Movement in Cameroon. Some of his books of poems published: Ebb And Flow Of the Madman’s Folly, 1999; Two Poets For a Poem, 2000;  Lurking Red Morning, 2006; Villadeograma, 2007; Meteorites, 2014.

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Jean-Claude Awono


Umar Timol  was born in Reduit, Mauritius, on August 1, 1970. He is a French-speaking poet, novelist, storyteller and professor. He studied literature at the University of London, where he discovered the works of Rumi, Lautréamont, Baudelaire and Césaire.

He has published the books of poems: Chemistry, 1998; The Word’s Testament, 2003; Blood, 2004 (long mystical love song composed in the Sufi tradition, inspired by Aimé Césaire’s work); Wanderings, 2005; Aphorisms - Poetry for Hurried People, 2014. Some of his novels: The Monster, 2010 and Diary of a Madwoman, 2012. He has been included in important anthologies including Visions of Africa.

He published his first poems at age 18, in the Mauritian newspaper L'Express. He is a founding member of Point Barre, a multidisciplinary poetry journal in Mauritius, which broadcasts the world’s poets. He belongs to the National Book Centre in his native country.

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Ayo Ayoola-Amale was born in Ghana in 1970. Currently she has Nigerian nationality. She es a poet, educator, lawyer, peace builder and public speaker. She is a law lecturer, Faculty of Law, Wisconsin International University and ADR Practitioner. She was the former Head of Law and Senior Lecturer at Kings University.  Ayo is the Founder/President, Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation, Vice- President, Poets of the World. (Movimiento Poetas del Mundo) and World Poetry Movement Coordinator (Ghana).                                                                                  

Ayo has several local and International certificates in Creative writing and has attended various Local, National and International Workshops and Seminars on creative writing and presentation.  A spoken-word and performance poet, she has written volumes of poetry, a short story and a play. Her aim is to employ poetry for positive social change. Her poems and other literary works have appeared in several international and national anthologies, magazines and journals. She is a recipient of several awards.

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Möez Majed was born in Tunisia on June 16, 1973. He is a French-speaking poet, editor, biologist and entrepreneur. In his first poems there is a mystic air, which comes from the Kairouan land and is perceived in its invocation and mysticism. He obtained the Paul Verlaine Prize in 2011.

He has published the books of poems: The Shadow... The Light, 1997; Daydreams of a Cherry Blossom, 2008; The Ambition of an Orchard, 2010; Reclining, 2012; Songs from the Other Shore, 2014. This last book is a history of Tunisia. The words of the poet evoke the time of suffering, and the thirst for liberty awaiting the resurrection.

In his words "Poetry and biology are life itself and constitute a fundamental questioning. Science and poetry give two different answers to a common question: the search for the truth of life. The first provides clear and well-defined methodologies for achieving scientific truth. The second uses instinct to get to scientist truth... In his Nobel Prize for Literature speech in 1960, Saint-John Perse, said "the scientist and the poet are both born blind, in search of the truth. Therefore, both biologists and poets are two sides of the same coin... "

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TJ Dema (Botswana) is a poet, occasional editor, voice over artist and arts administrator. She is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program as well as former chairperson of the Writers Association of Botswana and runs Sauti A&PM, an arts administration organization. She has read her work internationally in countries including India, South Africa, France, Bangladesh, Sweden, Brazil, USA, Singapore as well as Zimbabwe and was Botswana’s representative to the London 2012 Poetry Parnassus. She participated in Lancaster University’s crossing borders program and mentored the all female national champions team for the British Council’s Power in the Voice initiative.

She facilitates creative writing and performance workshops for young people/emerging writers. Other than recorded CDs, her chapbook Mandible was published by Slapering Hol Press (USA) in conjunction with the African Poetry Book Fund. In 2013 she was named an Arise African Change maker and a St Louis Top 40 under 40 catalyst.

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David wa Maahlamela was born in Namakgale, South Africa, in 1984. He is a poet, short story writer, novelist, playwright, editor and performer. He writes in Sepedi and English. He received the Musina Mayoral Excellence Award for arts development, the PanSALB multilingualism award and the Herifest prize for poetry.

He has published the books of poems: Moswarataukamariri, Mphogodiba, Poems and Poem to my Mopedi or Maratong. Of his perspective on writing, Maahlamela states: “Freedom of expression is my only weapon when I approach controversial issues. The voice I gain as a poet gave me bravery to speak my mind as it is, not as it is expected to be. I have encountered many rules in literature, but I always ask an unanswered question: who wrote them?

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Poemas y bibliografía Revista Prometeo # 91-92



Eduardo Gómez was born in Miraflores, Boyaca, Colombia, in 1932. He is a poet, essayist, university professor, novelist and journalist. He was a student leader in the movement against Rojas Pinilla, after the June 9 1954 massacre, and cofounded the Colombian Federation of Students (FEC). He studied Literature and Drama in Germany for six years in Leipzig and Berlin, where he was the Assistant Director at the Berliner Ensemble Theatre (founded by Brecht). For 40 years he was a professor of European Literature at the University of Los Andes, and at Javeriana, ENAD, Pedagógica and National universities. He edited the magazine "Text and Context" at the University of Los Andes.

He has published the following books of poetry: The Restoration of the Word, 1969; The Continent of the Dead, 1975; Symphonic Movements, 1980; The Innumerable Traveler, 1985; Baladesca Story of a Poet, 1989; The Secret Keys, 1998; Moon Lighthouse and Sun, 2002 and The Night Almost Dawn, 2012. He has worked in cultural radio, especially at the National Radio of Colombia and at 106.9 (Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano) where he hosted the program, “Poetry in Time” for 24 years. He recently published the novel "The Insatiable Search", 2013 and is writing the second part of the novel, a book of prose and essays and another of "Reflections and sketches".

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Manlio Argueta was born in San Miguel, El Salvador, on November 24, 1935. He is a poet and novelist, belonging to the Generación Comprometida, which had cultural, social, and political influences.

He has published, among other books of poems: Song to Huistaluxilt, 1956; Vegetable Song to Usulutan, 1956; Poems, 1967; The Animal Between His Legs, 1968; A Man for the Country, 1968; On the Side of Light, 1968; Henceforth, 1968; The Beautiful Real Weapons, 1979; Complete Poetry 1956-2005, 2006. Among his narrative Works are The Valley of the Hammocks, 1970; Little Red Riding Hood in the Red Light District, Casa de las Américas Novel Prize, Cuba, 1977; A Day in the Life, 1980 and Miracle of Peace, 1995.

In his words "civilizations have never crashed, powers collide; no opposition exists because these are different cultures, I think that cultures have to come together. Unfortunately the most powerful want to subdue the weakest and so these want to defend themselves, I think that civilizations should not crash but interact. We should remember everything we owe to Islamic culture: algebra, chess, contributions to language etc. Wen we speak about the "Clash of Civilizations" it sounds like something irremediable, I think that all humans have to right to live in this world; therefore I think we should not speak about crashes, but about reconciliation and interaction".

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Giovanni Quessep was born in San Onofre, Sucre, Colombia, in 1939. He is a poet, essayist and university professor. He studied Philosophy and Letters. In Italy, he specialized in Renaissance Poetry and Dantis Reading. He has been a collaborator with Plural, Eco, Aquarimántima, Casa Silva magazine, the Gazette of Colcultura, among other publications.
Books of poetry: After Paradise (Después del Paraíso), 1961; Being is not a Fable (El ser no es una fábula), 1968; Duration and Legend (Duración y leyenda), 1972; The Foreigner’s Song (Canto del extranjero), 1976; Book of the Enchanted (Libro del encantado), 1978; Madrigals of Life and Death (Madrigales de vida y muerte), 1978; Preludes (Preludios), 1980; Death of Merlin (Muerte de Merlín), 1985; A Garden and a Desert (Un jardín y un desierto), 1993; Poetic Anthology (Antología poética), 1993.
This year he won the Rene Char World Poetry Award done by the 25 Medellin International Poetry Festival.

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Jotamario Arbeláez was born in Cali, Colombia, in 1940. He is a poet and the most prominent living representative and co-founder of the Colombian Nadaist Movement. Some of his works: The Prophet in his House, 1966; Rojas’ Red Book, 1970; My Kingdom for this World, 1981; The House of Memory, 1986; Twelve Nadaist Poets of the Last Days, Anthology, 1986; The Erotic Spirit, 1990; Her body 1999; and Nothing is Forever (Anti-Memoirs of a Nadaist, 2002).

He won the La Oveja Negra National Poetry Prize, 1980; the Golpe de Dados National Poetry Prize, 1980; The National Poetry Prize of the Colombian Institute of Culture, 1985; the Poetry Award of the District Institute of Culture, 1999; and the Valera Mora International Poetry Prize, Caracas, 2008.

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Francisco Nájera was born in Guatemala in 1945. He is a poet, novelist, essayist and lecturer, as well as a bilingual teacher in primary schools. He is one of the most important Guatemalan writers and has lived for 17 years in New York.

Among his books of poetry are: Our Song, 1986; Song of Mary, 1989; Her Body, the Words, 1990; Love Poems and Other Lies, 1991; Tied to the Letter A, 1991; Mirror of Great Pleasure, 1995; Imitation of Opposites -Reasons Why the Air is Cooler in the Higher Regions, 1995; Songs of Ecstatic Love, 1996; and Book of World History, 2000. As a poetic project, was published, in 2014, the Basic Dictionary of Essential Terms of Use Exclusively Male (With the help of Little ESPASA).

His books of short stories are: God's Dream, 1987, and John, Mary’s Son, 2007. His essays include, among others: The Autobiographical Pact in the Work of Rafael Arevalo Martinez, 2003; Postwar Guatemalan Poetry in, 2012 and "Aesthetic Aspects in a Movie, Notes for a Workshop, 2013.

Biografía y entrevista a Francisco Nájera
Poemas Antología del Festival de Poesía de Quetzaltenango
Bibliografía y poemas


Juan Manuel Roca was born in Medellin on December 29, 1946. He is a poet, essayist, short story writer, journalist and art critic. For ten years he edited and directed the Sunday Supplement of the El Espectador newspaper. He has led creative workshops at the Silva Poetry House as well as at several Colombian universities. In 1997 the University of Valle gave him an honorary doctorate in literature. He won the Eduardo Cote Lamus National Poetry Prize in 1975, the University of Antioquia National Poetry Prize in 1979; the Simon Bolivar National Prize for Journalism, with his interview: Carlos Fuentes, His Communicating Vessels. He also won the Casa de America Award for American Poetry 2009, as well as an honorary doctorate in Literature from the National University of Colombia, 2014.

He has published the books of poetry: Memory of Water, 1973; Blind Men’s Moon, 1975; The Night Burglars, 1977; Sign of Crows, 1979; Real Fables, 1980; Secret Country (1987-1988); Citizen of the Night, 1989; Pavana with the Devil, 1990; Collected Prose, 1993; Museum of Meetings, 1995; The Angel’s Pharmacy, 1995; Dialogue of the Absent, 1998; Place of Apparitions (Anthology, 1973-2000); A Violin for Chagall, 2003; Nobody’s Hypotheses, 2005; Song of Remoteness (Anthology, 2005); The  Besieged Angel and Other Poems, 2006; Wills, 2008; Bible of the Poor, 20009; Passport of the Landless, 2012; Three Faces of the Moon, 2013. His poems have been translated into English, Russian, Japanese, Greek, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German and Chinese.

Poemas y bibliografía
Juan Manuel Roca: la poética de la insumisiónn Razón Pública
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Rocabulario Otraparte


Kevin Bowen  lives with his family outside Boston, Massachusetts. For over twenty-five years he served as director of the William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences at the University of Massachusetts Boston. His work included directing research, translation, and cultural exchanges and exploring efforts at reconciliation through the arts and literature in countries such as Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Bosnia, Serbia, Rwanda, Nigerian, Israel, Lebanon, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Throughout the U.S. Embargo he arranged humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs between the U.S, and Vietnam.  For this work he received the Vietnamese Friendship Award and the Phan Chu Trinh Award for contributions to Vietnamese Culture. His poetry collections include Playing Basketball with the Viet Cong; Forms of Prayer at the Hotel Edison; Eight True Maps of the West; and Thai Binh/Great Peace; He worked as co-editor of the anthologies Writing Between the Lines: Writings on War and Its Social Consequences; Mountain River: Vietnamese Poetry from the Wars 1945; and Six Vietnamese Poets. His translation efforts include: Le Luu’s A Time Far Pas, A Novel of Vietnam; Distant Road: Selected Poems of Nguyen Duy; and Early Zen Poems from Vietnam.  A recipient of fellowships in poetry from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Massachusetts Cultural Council, he received a Pushcart Prize and a Massachusetts Artists Foundation Award for his fiction.  His oil paintings of Vietnamese writers were recently exhibited in Hanoi.

“Poetry is a vital life force, powerful in the way it lifts us out of the prison of the small ego and allows us to enter other worlds. We need it now more than ever.  We need great presses, great gatherings, and great translations. I was fortunate in having Curbstone Press, headed by the great Sandy Taylor and Judith Doyle, publisher of so many great voices, Claribel Alegria, Daisy Zamora, Ernesto Cardinal, Roque Dalton, Jack Hirschman, Martin Espada, Nguyen Duy, Lam thi My Da, Nguyen Huy Thiep, as my publisher. We need more presses like Curbstone, dedicated to translation and to publishing poets who write beautiful and loving poems of the human struggle for justice.”

US vet bridges culture gap with Vietnam
William Joiner Center Director Receives Award in Vietnam


Eduardo Dalter was born in Mexico in 1947. He cofunded the Association of Writers in Indigenous Languages, The House of Writers in Indigenous Languages, and The National Alliance of Indigenous Bilingual Professionals. Since 2013 he is a corresponding member of the Academia Mexicana de la Lengua, the Mexican Language Academy.

He has published the poetry books (in Nahuatl and Spanish): Xochikoskatl, 1985; Sempoalxóchitl / Veinte flores: una sola flor, 1987; Ijkon ontlajtoj aueuetl / Así habló el ahuehuete, 1989; Canto nuevo de Anahuac, 1994; Papalocuicatl / Canto a las mariposas, 1996; in tlahtoli, in ohtli / la palabra, el camino: Memoria y destino de los pueblos indígenas, 1998; El despertar de nuestras lenguas: Queman tlachixque totlahtolhuan, 2002; Semanca huitzilin / Colibrí de la armonía / Hummingbird of Harmony, 2005.

Canto del corazón florecido Video Youtube Revista Prometeo
Poemas Náhuatl, castellano e inglés
Entrevista con Eduardo Dalter Por Carlos Amador Marchant


Eduardo Dalter was born in Argentina in 1947. He is a poet and cultural researcher. He is publishing poetry from 1971. Some of his books of poetry, in Spanish: Silbos (1986), Hojas de sábila (1992), Mareas (1997), N.Y. Postales para enviar a los amigos (1999), Bocas baldías (2001), El mercado de la muerte (2004), Hojas de ruta (2005) and Canciones olvidadas (2006). During the Argentinian military dictatorship he lived in exile.

Entrevista con Eduardo Dalter Por Carlos Amador Marchant


Jesús Gaviria Gutiérrez was born in Medellín in 1949. He is a poet and art critic. As a poet, he has published six books: A Short Dance, 1976, Twenty Pieces for Percussion Instrument (1990), Fourth unrestricted, 1996; Painting on Porcelain, 1999; Poems - A selection (National University of Colombia, 2004); Gold, Ivory and Sea of ​Wine, 2007. Excerpts of his works have been published in national magazines, anthologies and digital media. He cc-founded the Aquarimántima magazine in 1973.

He was a curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Medellín (1998 -1994) and director of the Collection Art in Antioquia, Yesterday and Today. Among his publications on art are: Watercolor in Antioquia (1987), Art in South America (collectibles 1987-1989), Images of Coffee (1998), 50 Years of Painting and Sculpture in Antioquia (1994), Pedro Nel Gómez, European Years (1999), among others.



Alfredo Vanín was born on the banks of Saija river, Cauca, on the Colombian Pacific Coast, on  November 29, 1950. He is one of the most outstanding Afro Colombian writers. He is a poet, novelist, short story writer, teacher, literary workshop coordinator, journalist, essayist, cultural researcher, ethnologist and editor. He studied literature and anthropology. Cauca University gave him an Honoris Causa in Literature in 2012.

He has published the books of poetry: Arguing that I live, 1976; Cimarron in the Rain, 1991; Islario, 1998; Treeless, 2004; Days of the Gambler, 2005; Poetic Work (Anthology), 2010. As a collector of Afro-Colombian oral tradition, he published the compilation Prince Tulicio. Five oral histories of Pacific coastline, 1986. He published the book of stories Trips Over the Earth, 1994; The Tapestry of the Hydra, 2003; Stories for Laughing or Being Surprised, 2005 as well as the novels Another Shipwreck for July, 1983 and The Remains of the Golden Fleece, 2008.

"Sin la presencia étnica afrodescendiente el país hubiera sido otro", Alfredo Vanín Entrevista en el
Lectura de poemas Centro Cultural de Cali -VIDEO- Canal YouTube de Leopoldo de Quevedo
Mitopoética de la orilla florida Todos los mundos son reales Colombia Pácifico. Tomo II. Biblioteca Virtual Luis Angel Arango
Antología de poemas Festival Internacional de Bogotá
Alfredo Vanin Romero: El poeta del Mar Pacífico
Canto de amor en tiempos de guerra Lectura en el 21° Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellin


Fernando Rendón was born in Medellin in 1951. He is a poet, essayist, editor and journalist. Co-founder of the poetry magazine Clave de Sol in 1972. Founder of the poetry magazine Imago in 1988. Founder and editor of the poetry magazine Prometeo since 1982, with 100 issues to date, and founder and director of the Medellin International Poetry Festival, now in its 25 version. Books of poetry: Anti-History, 1986; Under other Suns, 1989; Song on the Fields of Mars, 1992; The Salmon’s Motives, 1998; and The Radiant Question, 2005. Under his leadership, the Festival has received numerous awards, in Sweden (Alternative Nobel Prize), and in South Africa, Egypt, Romania, Spain, Cuba and Colombia, where the festival was declared “Cultural Patrimony of the Nation”.

In his words: "Beauty provides a decisive contrast to horror. It testifies to human desire and the chance of a new era, a breathable, palpable, living atmosphere through dialogue between opposites, who have hated each other. Love exists and has created Colombia. Hatred exists and is undermining this country. Colombian poets and artists should choose unity. It is necessary, if we want it and understand it, to establish a democratic dialogue, multitudinous, to put a finish this deadly war, through a just, dignified end agreed upon between mortal enemies. "

Poemas y presentación Poetry International Web -English-
Los motivos del Salmón Colección Hipnos
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Norberto Codina  was born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1951. He is a Cuban-Venezuelan poet and editor. He has edited the magazine of art and literature La Gaceta de Cuba for twenty-seven years ago. He has published the books of poetry: They Will Call This Time Old (David Prize 1974); A Love Poem by Demographics, 1976; Tree of Life, 1984; The Human Noises (Mention, City of Havana Prize, 1986); Platitudes (Finalist, Critics’ Prize, 1987); Poetry V, 1988; Journey Notebook, 2003; Convex Sorrow, 2006; The Mild Journey of Blood, 2013; In the Year of the Rabbit, 2014.

He earned in 1996 the Distinction for National Culture conferred by the Cuban Ministry of Culture; in 1997 he obtained the Raúl Gómez García Medal, for over twenty five years of work in the cultural sector; and in 2006 he got the XX Anniversary Medal of the Hermanos Saiz Association. In 2002 he was awarded with the National Prize for Cultural Journalism José Antonio Fernández de Castro. He has also received in his native country, the Order Battle of Carabobo in its third class and Honor’s Button of the city of Mérida.
He is a member of Latin American Studies Association (LASA), and member of the Cuban and Venezuelan writers associations. He collaborates for the Nicolás Guillén Foundation.

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Jorge Eliécer Ordóñez  was born in Cali, Colombia, on April 16, 1951. He is a poet, essayist, editor and lecturer. He studied Philology, Linguistics, Language and Hispanic Literature.

He has published the books of poetry: Waning City, 1991; Turning Bell, Institute of Culture and Fine Arts of Boyaca Award, 1994; Sleepless Compass, 1997; Headlands, 2000; The Bridge of the Moon, 2004; Exiled from the Ark, 2009; Migratory Words, 2010; The Yellow House, 2011; with The Sysyphus Manuscipt, he obtained the 5th Industrial University of Santander Award, 2013, and with Bodies upon the Wheat Fields he was awarded the 15 Eduardo Cote Lamus Poetry Award, 2014.

Referring to his beginnings in poetry, he says, “They were varied, more vital than bookish. Since my childhood, I was amazed watching the river run near my house. Flying kites, spinning tops, reading the comics in the newspapers brought out every Sunday, playing the World Cup on a dirt field where the goal markers were school notebooks, some brick, stone or pumpkin that grew wild in the pasture. In that epic street wandering, without knowing it I began to be visited by poetry. In adolescence I discovered Aurelio Arturo, without Reading him, because a friend invited me to his farm where I discovered "the green of all colors".

Tiempo de segar 18 Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellin. Canal Youtube Revista Prometeo
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Juan Mares  (pseudonym of Juan Carmelo Martínez Restrepo), was born in Guatape, Antioquia, on November 3, 1951. He obtained a bachelors degree in Spanish and Literature from the University of Antioquia. He is a poet, essayist, professor and director of the Apartado Cultural Center, city in which he has lived since 1968. He is a founding member of the Urabá Writes Workshop (Urabá Escribe) and the magazine Kalu. He currently teaches at the University of Antioquia (Urabá).

Publications: Poteas and Pirontes, 1987; The Tree of the Century, 1996. He is co-author of Between the Sap and Blood, Poetic Collection of Apartado 1996; Kalugraphics of Instant, 2009; Rhythms of the Tightrope Walker, 2011; Caladium Leaves, 2013. He has also participated in Ambrosia and Hemlock, 2006; The Exercise of Writing, 2010; and Literary Polychromies, 2013.

He was included in the anthology of creative workshops RELATA 2011. Included in four Latin American anthologies: Salvador Diaz Miron Anthology (Mexico 2013); Genealogy of Whispers (Medellin 2014); A Vast Continent (Salamanca-Spain, 2014); Words of the Innocent (Salamanca- Spain, 2014). He has participated in various literary events in Colombia, Mexico and Spain.

Presentación y poemas Por Naudín Gracián Petro.
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Carlos Vásquez  was born in Medellin in 1953. He is a poet, philosopher, essayist and lecturer. He published the books of poetry: Anonymous, 1990; The Garden of the Sleepwalker, 1995; Dark Nourishment, 1994, City of Medellin Latin American Poetry Prize, 1995; Water, Your Thirst, 2001; Undress Me of Myself, 2002; Threads of Voice, 2004; Although I Do Not Follow You, 2008, Notebook, 2009; Days, 2011; Steps, 2012.

He also published the books of essays: Solar Eclipse (Thesis on Georges Bataille, 1990); The Jovial Art, 2000; Method of Dramatization about the First Treatise On Genealogy of Morals, 2005; Luminous Nothing (On Fernando Pessoa, Essay, 2009).

About his latest book of poems, Steps, his publishers assert: "This book stands out in the poetry of Carlos Vásquez due its transparency, the ability to talk to the other, by the lucidity of his imagination. What if those who love always sleep at different times, or if we looked a tree until it was the last one? If every thing we touched turned liquid, or that the words were changed for other ones? Worlds like these are explored by the poet with the hope that others will accompany him to explore and recreate reality in every verse. We consider the poems in this book are an excellent way to approach the work of Vásquez, mature and profound, and which increasingly occupies an important place in Colombian poetry. "

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Marco Mejía    was born in Caldas, Antioquia, Colombia, in 1955. He is a poet, philosopher, investigative journalist, historian, university professor, cultural manager, critic, filmmaker, essayist and storyteller.

Published work: The Unfinished Grate, 1988, State Cultural Center Poetry Prize; The Fragrance of Identity, 1992; Horn of Image, 1997; First René Uribe Ferrer Latin American Essay Contest; Holy Ground Dissidents, 2001; The Sea of Grace, 2003; The Keys of the Newspaper, 2008; and Crow, 2012.

Poemas y biografía Revista Prometeo # 86-87
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Javier Naranjo   was born in Medellín in 1956. He is a poet, literary workshop leader, cultural manager and children's literature educator for several years.
He has published the books: Orvalho (co-authored, 1990); Syllabary, 1994; House of Stars (Compilation of child definitions, 1999, 2000, 2006 and 2009); Blind Body Place, 2006; The Journal of Mammo (a children’s approach to the Museum of Modern Art, 2009; To the Animal Shadow, 2011; On behalf of Air (chat), 2011 and Casa das Estrelas, 2013.

He has been included in some poetry anthologies, including Dissidence of Limbo, 1981; Poets in April, 1985 and From the Threshold, Colombian Poetry in Transition, 2009. He has been a finalist in major national poetry awards and directed the Carmen de Viboral Cultural Center, where he founded the literary group Savia.

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Gabriel Jaime Franco   was born in Medellin in 1956. He is a poet and co-founder of the International Poetry Festival of Medellin, for which he has served as Managing Director. He has published the books of poetry: In The Day's Route, 1989; The Land of Salt, 1993; Relearning the Alphabet, 1996; The Split Voices, 1998; The Memorable Land, 2006; and Journal of Uncertain, 2008.

His poetic selections have been included in several anthologies, including: Dissidence of Limbo, 1981; Poets in April, 1985; Postcard from the End of the Century, 1996 Anthology of the New Colombian Poetry (Venezuela, 2008). He won the Fire in Words National Poetry Prize, 1996, the National Scholarship Colcultura, 1998 and in 2006 he received with Fernando Rendón, for the Corporation of Art and Poetry Prometeo, the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize.

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Fredy Yezzed y Gabriel Jaime Franco- Universidad de Antioquia - Lectura de "La sal de la locura"
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Gustavo Garcés  was born in Medellin in 1957. He is author of the following books of poetry: Book of Poems, 1987; Short Days, Poetry National Award, 1992; Small Kingdom, 1998; Blanks, 2000; Notebook; 2006; The Flame’s Workshop, 2008; Short Days, Anthology, 2000; Until the End of Numbers, 2012 and A Word Every Day, 2015. His poetry, known for its delicate precision and intense and expressive brevity, brimming with humor, intelligence and celebration, reflection and memory of nature and world.

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Fernando Linero  was born in Medellin in 1957. He is author of the following books of poetry: Book of Poems, 1987; Short Days, Poetry National Award, 1992; Small Kingdom, 1998; Blanks, 2000; Notebook; 2006; The Flame’s Workshop, 2008; Short Days, Anthology, 2000; Until the End of Numbers, 2012 and A Word Every Day, 2015. His poetry, known for its delicate precision and intense and expressive brevity, brimming with humor, intelligence and celebration, reflection and memory of nature and world.

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Norberto Salinas    was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 1957. He is a poet, literary workshops coordinator, editor and cultural manager. He studied philology at the University of Costa Rica. He has published the books of poems: Moon in Bebedero, 1990; Masthead, 2004; Selection of poems, 2005 (anthology).

He directs Digital Literature. He is chairman of the Poetry Center Association, which convenes and organizes the International Poetry Festival of Costa Rica, publishing low costs editions of all the poets attending.

In his own words: "I firmly believe that poetry can change the country. Although we go bankrupt, sustaining this is continuing to support the possibility that this country, that is so divided, with a political situation so difficult, where media tries to create a smoke screen, be a place of hope. The best poem we can make is giving the young people the chance that we did not have to meet the great poets of the world, make friends, find out what is being done in the world and access books at a minimal price".

Noticias de la selva XVII Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellin. Canal Youtube Revista Prometeo
“Nuestro mejor poema es seguir adelante”
Librero: Para acercarse al animal herido Ancora
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Fernando Herrera    was born in Medellin in 1958. He has published the following books of poetry: In the Inn of the World, University of Antioquia National Poetry Prize 1985, The Calmed House, National University of Colombia, 1999, and Sanguine, winner of the VIII Eduardo Cote Lamus 2002 Poetry National Contest. He won a Colcultura Creation Scholarship in Poetry, 1993. He was winner of an Artistic Residence Colombia-Mexico, granted by the Ministry of Culture and the FONCA, in 2004.

He has been publicist, publisher of graphic works and artists books as well as a cultural manager. He has also been a commentator in magazines and newspapers. His poems have appeared in various magazines and national and international anthologies. He won the 2007 National Literature Prize with his book Santana’s Breviary. He also published a book of translations of haiku: In the Heart of the Forest.

La carroza de piedra VI Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellin. Canal Youtube Revista Prometeo
Premio Nacional de Poesía 2007 Por Eduardo García Aguilar
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Poética Canal Youtube de Tom Cárdenas


Álvaro Marín    was born in Manzanares, Caldas, Colombia, in 1958. He is a poet, essayist, cultural researcher and journalist for various media. He co-founded the magazine Planeta Sur of the National University of Colombia, publication focusing on political, cultural and environmental issues. He recognizes Cardoza y Aragón and José Lezama Lima and storytellers Macedonio Fernández and Alejo Carpentier, as stimulants to his poetic production. He is the Coordinator of the Movement of Artists and Intellectuals for Peace in Colombia.

He published the books of poetry: Rider of Shadows, and The Liquid Night. He also publish the book of essays The Compass Will No Longer Point North.

Canción para Eliana Canal Youtube Revista Prometeo
Lectura de poemas de Alvaro Marin VIII Festival de las Artes en Tunja. Canal Youtube Roberto Orrù


Orlando Gallo  was born in Medellin in 1959. He is a lawyer at the University of Antioquia. In 1984, he published his first book of poetry, Being in things (JJWJ Editors); He took second place in the V National University of Antioquia Poetry Prize in 1983, with Fragmentary Landscapes, published in 1985 by the same institution; his book The Next Line Maybe won the Eduardo Cote Lamus National Poetry Prize in 1990 and was published by the Norte de Santander State Government. His poems have appeared in several anthologies.

Antioquia’s Authors Collection published his poetry in 1996, gathered under the title Being in Things. In that year, as a result of a writing  grant from the Colombian Institute of Culture, he wrote All Things is the Only Thing We Leave, a book published in 1999 by the University of Antioquia. Since 2007, he has worked as a judge for the Superior Court of Medellin.


Juan Gregorio Regino  was born in Mexico in 1960. He belongs to the Mazatec Nation. His poetry is rooted in the Mazatec oral tradition, where its memory has delved to find new ways to literature. His poetry has been studied in various countries like Spain, France, Italy , Serbia, Cuba , Argentina and the United States. In 1996 he received the Nezahualcóyotl Literature Award in Mexican Languages, awarded by the National Council for Culture and the Arts. He has published two books of poetry: Tatsjejin nga kjaboya (No es eternal la muerte) and Ngata'ara Stsehe (Que siga lloviendo). Some of his poetry has been translated into English, French, Italian, Serbian and Catalan.

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Vito Apüshana   was born in La Guajira, Colombia, in 1965.A poet of the Wayuu Nation in northern Colombia, he did not go to college. Rather, he dedicated his life and his poetry to the discovery of his roots and the search for a dialogue between the rich Amerindian tradition and modern society. He has published four books of poems, and in 2000 was awarded the Latin American literary prize Casa de las Américas for his bookEncuentros en los senderos de Abya Yala. In 2002, he was awarded a scholarship to live some months in Mexico, where he wrote the yet unpublished book I Bring Water from the Tezcoco Lake. Vito Apüshana left his native land when he was thirteen to study in Medellín. Although people he knew insisted that he stay in the city, he decided to return to his native land ten years later.

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Kalu Tatyisavi    (Carlos España) writes in Ñuu Savi language and belongs to the Mixteca Nation of Mexico. Born in 1960. Ñuu Savi means "Country of Rain" where his “Tana and Nana taught me to read the stars".

He is a poet, translator, writer, novelist, essayist, playwright and lecturer. He has published the books of poetry: Kuun Nuvi Savi (Day under the Rain); Savi Iya Kuaa (Night Rain); Iyo jika Savi (Exile of Rain); and Tzin tzun tzan (Flight of the Hummingbird).

He is also author of books Kuiya Uvi Ve'i: 1521 (stories); Viko: Savi-Tatyi-Yu'va-Ka'ni (Feast of the Rain-Wind-Ice-Cold-Heat, novel) and the play Ntia'an Ta'vi Ñuu Savi (Ñuu Savi Unborn). He has published poems, stories, aphorisms, reviews and essays in various magazines, websites, newspapers and anthologies. He is a monthly columnist for review and discussion, for Hummingbird, and Native Languages, Journal of Poetry at the UNAM.

Twice, in 2000 and 2012, he won the major Nezahualcóyotl Prize for Literature in Mexican Languages. He has given lectures and language courses of Ñuu Savi Literature and History, nationally and internationally. He studied Sociology and Latin American Literature at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Exilio de la lluvia poemas
Presentación y poemas Revista La Otra
Kalu Tatyisavi: "la poesía indígena debe ser más audaz y propositiva"
Una lengua está viva cuando se practica, se inventa y se crea, expresó Kalu Tatyisavi
Reseña del libro Lluvia nocturna
Es necesario redefinir conceptos para evitar el racismo y el olvido: Kalu Tatyisavi
Kalu Tatyisavi recibe el Premio Nezahualcóyotl de Literatura en Lenguas Mexicanas 2012


Cristina Toro     was born in Medellin in 1960. She is an actress and poet. Her poetry books are: Women’s Things, 1995; Backdrop, 1999; Notes of Wandering, 2000; Fire’s Moisture, 2001, Night Obsessions, 2005; The Steps of Oblivion, 2012. She was included in anthologies: From Panidas and Poets, 1995; Woman and Love. Poetic Anthology, 1996; Mouth Seeking Mouth. Anthology of Colombian Erotic Poetry of the Twentieth Century, 2006; They Write in Medellin, 2007; The Broken Woman, 2008; Twentieth Century Colombian Poetry Written by Women. Poets born after 1950, 2014.

With the Águila Descalza has participated in the following works: Tango Tango, Boleros on their Way,  Philomena The Philomenal Cow, Country of Paisas, Well, You Know, Antioquia, Half of Medellin, Dirty Laundry, Bad Boys Inc., Medellin Cartel, Patchwork Quilt, Mortal Sin, Dogs’ Life, The Way Things Are, The Boy’s Dream, Country of Fools, Killing Time, Clinical History, Your Mamma... Yours!, Saint Gardel of Medellin, Family Feeling with Nagging; Taking the Rap, I’ll Pay You Tomorrow, Shut Up and Eat and There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute.

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Álvaro Inostroza     was born in Santiago, Chile, on 15 December 1960. He is a poet, journalist, film critic and university professor, Master in Urban Economics. He lives in Concon, Valparaíso Region, since 1988. He published his first poems in 1979 in the anthology "One x One. Nine Young Poets", Editorial Nascimento.

In 1985 he published his first book of poems: Courtyard of Light. Next came Stretched Out (in) Public, 1996, Signs of Life, 1998; Holidays, 2004; Speaking of Memory, 2010 and The Genius of the House, 2014. He is currently working on writing his book Extinction Zone.

In 2013, he was included in two anthologies: "Ancestral Domain of Green", Chilean and Colombian Poets, and the 80s Generation Chilean Poetry Anthology. In the last 6 years he has been invited to participate in Poetry Festivals in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama and Guatemala. In 2014 he won a competition of the Ministry of Culture of Chile to attend the X International Poetry Festival of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Hablar de memoria Poemas 2004-2008 Ebooks Google
Critica de Cine


Winston Farrell    works at the Barbados Youth Service as the Cultural Arts Officer. A practicing Stage Director, Poet and Playwright, Farrell holds a Master in Theatre and Development Studies from the University of Leeds.

Farrell’s love for writing started as a fun activity in the class room and grew into a lifelong practice. He gained a Writer/Artist in residence with the Hudson Valley Writers Guild and the University of Albany NY in the early nineties and in Kentucky at the Jefferson Community College and the University of Louiseville in 2000 and 2002.
As a poet Farrell has been published in literary journals such as Race Today; the stellar published anthology ‘Crossing Water’ by the Greenfield press NY, Kyk-over-al, July 1991; Trinidadian New Voices, Banja, created by The NCF, Poui, a UWI Cave Hill Journal and Voices  - Writers Collective, to name a few.
In addition to his first collection of Poems ‘Echoes of Young Blood’ (out of stock), He has also released recordings of his rhythm Poetry – ‘Lion on the Loose’ and ‘Earth Spirit’ on which the popular ‘Bus Man’ is featured. His ‘Red Ribbons’ CD features the voice of vocalist Lisa Howell and the youth. His latest release, ‘I Am Standing up’, is featured on James Lovell’s album.

‘Busting the Blues’ won joint third prize in the Frank Collymore Literary Endowment in 2000 and has been recently updated for publication by Caribbean Chapters, with a forward by Professor Curwin Best. In 2002 he received the Prime Minister’s Award for his collection, ‘Poems off Island Streets’ and in 2003 he won the 1st prize with a collection entitled, ‘Bare Foot on Ice’. Farrell has also gained the Daily News Prize for poetry in the Caribbean Writer Journal, while his earlier published collection of poems, ‘Call of the Quarter Master’, won NIFCA Gold in 2006. Despite his humble achievements Farrell remains for the most part self published.

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Katharine Coles    was born in USA. She is a poet, storyteller, novelist, editor, essayist and university professor of Creative Writing and Literature at the University of Utah, where he also directs the Utah Symposium on Science and Literature.

She has published, among other books of poems: The One Right Touch, 1992; The Golden Years of the Fourth Dimension, 2001 (Winner of Utah Book); The Fault, 2008; and The Earth is Not Flat, 2010, which was produced after a trip to Antarctica, thanks to a scholarship from the Antarctic program writers and artists of the National Science Foundation.

According to James McClintock "The Earth Is Not Flat captures the essence of Antarctica through its wonderful depictions of myriad forms of ice, rich diversity of sea life, and the people that carve out a life of science upon its shores. Collectively, the poems paint a poignant and prophetic story—not only of the raw and challenging beauty of this remarkable place—but of the interdependence of ice and life in a rapidly changing environment.”

Her poems, essays and stories have appeared in magazines such as The Paris Review, The Gettysburg Review, Poetry, North American Review, Southwest Review, DIAGRAM, and Ascent, and have been translated into Italian, Dutch and Chinese. He also published novels Fire Season, 2005 and the Measurable World, 1995.

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Jairo Guzmán    was born in Medellin on October 23, 1961. He is a poet and co-founder of the International Poetry Festival of Medellin. He graduated as a mathematician of the National University of Colombia. He published a book of poems Choir of the Hanged, 1995 and the booklet Every Landscape is the Eye’s Elegance, 1997.

He has participated in poetry events in China, Finland, Brazil, Sweden and Ecuador. His poems have been published in various magazines, both local and international. He has also published in various websites in the world. Currently he edits the poetry blog Meridiano 75 and blog El ombligo del pez.

Poemas Revista Prometeo # 56
Presentation and Poems Poetry International Web


Omar Pérez    was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1964. He is a poet, musician, essayist and translator. He graduated in English Language and Literature at the University of Havana. He also studied Italian and Dutch language. His translation in Spanish of And Death Shall Have no Dominion by Dylan Thomas is particularly memorable. Norma editorial published his version of Shakespeare's work As You Like It. He has participated in poetry festivals in several continents.

He published the books of poetry: Something of the Sacred, 1996; Did You Hear About the Fighting Cat? 1999; Songs and Litanies, 2002; Lingua Franca, 2009; and Criticism of Whore Reason, 2009, Nicolás Guillén Poetry Prize. He also published the book of essays The Perseverance of a Dark Man, 2000, National Critics Award.

In his own words: "A being begins to write poetry, to live in poetry, long before he begins to talk; poetry is the natural condition of existence, and that's such a simple, basic question, which is not taken into account and often results in diseases and dysfunctions in culture. I think no one realizes that many problems of existence are produced by the little attention paid to the place poetic thought has within the human being and, finally, poetry is seen as a literary genre, which is the worst of mistakes".

El pajarito (Omar Pérez, Cuba) Memoria del 16° Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellin -Video-
Antología de poemas
El intelectual  y el poder en Cuba Cuba Literaria
Desde la Memoria: Los Años 80, Omar Pérez, PAIDEIA y la Casualidad Poética


Hugo Jamioy Juagibioy was born in Bëngbe Wáman Tabanóc (Our Sacred Place of Origin) located in the Sibundoy Valley, Department of Putumayo, Colombian Amazon Basin, in 1971. He belongs to the Camuentsa Cabëng Camëntsá Biyá people (Men from Here with Their Own Thoughts and Tongue). He has published poetry books: Mi Fuego y Humo; Mi Tierra y Mi Sol, 1999; No Somos Gente, 2001. His texts have been published in Canada, Germany, Spain, Mexico, in university cultural magazines; and in Anthologies of Writer's in the Indigenous Languages of America. He is currently preparing a book titled Preguntas y Respuestas Sabias de un Niño Camëntsá, a text that contains dialogues with a 3 year old indigenous child; and the poetry book titled Danzantes del Viento, 2001.



Jesús David Curbelo     was born in Camagüey, Cuba, in 1965. He is a poet, novelist, short story teller, essayist, lecturer, editor, literary critic, translator and university professor. Bachelor of Arts and a member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).

He has published the books of poetry: Insomnia, 1994; Extraplagiarist, 1995; Saved by Dance, 1995; The Book of Cruel Fervor, 1997; Lilia Amel’s Book, 1998; The Wolf and the Centaur, 2001; Candles, 2002; Apology of Silence, 2003; God’s Beggar, 2004; Parks, 2004; Exodus, 2004; Learning to be Silent, 2005; Unforgivable Sonnets, 2006; Prison, Memory and Coat, 2008; The Dark Creeks, 2008; Lilia Amel, 2010; Dialectic of Silence, 2012; Anatomy of Failure, 2012 and Burn and Glare, anthology, 2013.

He has won awards for his fiction, essays and especially for his poetry. His poetry prizes include: "David", 1991; "Emilio Ballagas", 1993; "Adelaide of Marble", 1994; Foundation of the City of Santa Clara, 1996; and "Bustarviejo", 1998. He has lectured in Europe and America on contemporary Cuban literature, trends, movements and authors.

Presentación y recursos EcuRed
Entrevista Racso Morejón.
El ser y la nada Por Jesús David Curbelo


Anna Francisca Rodas    was born in Puerto Mosquito, Cesar, Colombia on May 3, 1968. She has published the books of poetry: Obsidianna, 2010; and The Loneliness of the Hourglasses, 2014. Some of her poems have been translated into Italian, English and Romanian. About her poetry, Peruvian poet Johnny Barbieri says: "Her insertion into the depths of being, seems to reveal an idealization of the essence. This perspective makes us dwell, one way or another, in the most honest poetry".

She is a member of the MECA Corporation (Writers and Artists of Medellin) and is President of the CADELPO (Peruvian Poetry Center) in Colombia. She is the Coordinator of the National Parliament of Writers of Colombia, for the Metropolitan Area of Medellin, Antioquia.

Poemas Anna Francisca Rodas Iglesias Youtube
A la mujer Youtube Mario Ramón Mendoza
Google +


Juan Diego Tamayo  was born in Medellin in 1968. He is a poet and cofounder of the International Poetry Festival of Medellin. He belongs to the Editorial Board of the Prometeo Magazine. He holds a Masters in Linguistics and Hispanic Philology of the Institute of the Spanish Language, Madrid. He has also taught numerous workshops and poetic appreciation of contemporary poetry.

His poems have been published in magazines Prometeo, Imago, Punto Seguido, Misterio Eleusino, and Isla de Barataria (Argentina). He published the books of poetry: The Missing Elements and To a City.

In his words: “Our America is continent sustained in the grace of poetry. America has renewed the world literature; the poetry of our continent is balm of images, narratives, visual arts, drama. We have staged what we know how to do: create. And our creation, which at the beginning is unsubstantial, it is ultimately the most valuable intangible for all peoples”.

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Winston Morales  was born in Neiva, Huila, in 1969. He is a poet and journalist. He studied Hispanic Literature. He is also professor at the University of Cartagena. He has won the national poetry contests at several universities, among them: U. of Quindio, 2000; U. of Antioquia, 2001, and Technologic U. of Bolivar, 2005. He is also the winner of the International Prize for Literature "David Mejia Velilla", University of The Sabana, 2014. First Prize in the Eustasio José Rivera IX Bienal Nacional, for novels. He has published the books of poetry: Aniquirona, 1998; Back to Schuaima, 2001; Memories of Alexander de Brucco 2002; Poetic Summa, 2005; Anthology, 2009; Road to Rogitama, 2010; The City of Singing Stones, 2011; and Temps was Temps, 2013. Narrative: God Put a Smile on Her Face, novel, 2004. Essay: Poetics of Occultism in the Writings of José Antonio Ramos Sucre, Carlos Obregón, César Dávila Andrade and Jaime Sáenz, 2008.

In the words of Ignacio Ramirez: "Winston Morales is an universal citizen of Huila and creator of a country where everyone, starting with those who carry towels and rifles on their shoulders, should go to live, because there, as in the musical world of Macondo, we feel the urge to sing "when words become aware of non-being before the invisible presence of many spectra". There in Schuaima, the country/planet of the Neivan poet, one can sip with curved nose by wind the fragrance of skirts invaded by geraniums from the girls who live there and like all its people, have "their heart near their noses".

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Lina Gómez  was born in Medellin on November 27, 1970. She is a poet, short story writer and screenwriter. She published the book Omens of Wind in 2004. She earned second place in the 11 District Women Poets Contest and third place in the Meira del Mar Women Poets Contest, both in the city of Medellin in 2011.

She was invited to the International Poetry Festival of the Coffee Axis in March 2012 and the International Poetry Festival of the Province of Huari, Peru, November 2012. She has participated in the workshops of the Medellin International Poetry School as well as in other writing workshops of her city. She is a specialist in writing scripts for film and television, graduated from the International School of Film and Television, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.

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Gabriel Chávez Casazola  was born in Bolivia in 1972. He is a poet and journalist, considered "one of the essential voices of the current Bolivian poetry." He published the books of poetry: Common Place, 1999; Hand Stairway, 2003;  The illuminated Water, 2010; The Morning Will Be Filled with Gardeners, 2013; and the anthologies Fog Chamber, 2014; The Eurydice’s Foot, 2014; and The Noose’s Song, 2014.

Part of his work is translated into Italian, Portuguese, English, Greek and Romanian. His poems are included in Bolivian and international anthologies. Since 2010 he has been invited to meetings, festivals and poetry readings in various countries and cities of America and Europe.

He teaches poetry workshops and creative writing in his country and other nations. He is a columnist in Bolivian newspapers and a contributor to international journals. He also has books published in other genres and edited a history of Bolivian culture of the twentieth century, awarded as Best Book in Bolivia in 2009. Among other awards, he received the Medal of Cultural Merit of the Bolivian state. In 2013 he was shortlisted for the Fernando Rielo World Mystical Poetry Prize.

About his poetry, Uruguayan writer Alfredo Fressia wrote: "Poetry of the liquid element, about travel, and about the unstable as time and memory, the work of Gabriel Chavez Casazola has the power to transfigure what it touches, to illuminate it. (...) Both polyphonic and deeply focused on the word of its author, the work of Chavez Casazola -a increasingly recognized author among the poets of the continent- produces the immediate adhesion of the reader, the total identification with the “I” of its poetry, who is always ourselves who we find illuminated by this exceptional poet".

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Lindantonella Solano  was born in Süchiimma-Riohacha, Guajira, Colombia, on January 7, 1975. She belongs to the Wayuu Nation. She is a poet, childhood educator, psychologist, literary workshop leader, university professor at the University of La Guajira and San Martín University Foundation. Co-founder of the Dream catcher Foundation, creator and coordinator of Poetry in the Park and Poetry in the Neighborhood.

Poetry work: Quick Notes on Kashi From 7 Januaries from the Womb of Süchiimma (Poetry book about the worldview of the Wayuu); The Skin of the Words; Broken Mirrors; Cliffs of Time; and the String of Silence.

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Freddy Ñáñezwas born in the Petare zone of Caracas, but spent a great part of his life in the Andes region of Venezuela. Freddy Ñáñez is a poet, puppeteer and for three years he has been the director of the Fundación para la Cultura y las Artes (FUNDARTE), which is financed by the office of the mayor of the Libertador district of Caracas. He has published collections of poetry such as Todos los instantes (2000), Un millón de pájaros muertos (2004) and Postal de sequía, which won the Bienal José Antonio Ramos Sucre in 2009.

Freddy Ñáñez: Festival de Música servirá para desentrañar las diferencias
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Larry J. González  was born in Los Palos, Cuba, 1976. He graduated of Art History at the University of Havana. He belongs to the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC). He obtained the Prometeo-Gaceta de Cuba, Creation Scholarship 2010 and a Poetry Mention in the Gaceta Poetry Prize 2011. He won the David Poetry Prize 2011 for his book The unfinished novel by Bob Kippenberger (UNION Editions, 2011). He also obtained The Julian del Casal UNEAC Poetry Award 2012 for his book Bears (UNION editions, 2013) and the Gaceta de Cuba Poetry Award, 2015 which makes possible his participation in the 25 Medellin International Poetry Festival.

Entregado el Premio de Poesía La Gaceta de Cuba
La doble manía de La Tiñosa Austía Por Larry García


Oscar Saavedra Villarroel  was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1977. He is a poet and video-poet. Bachelor of Education. He received a grant from the Pablo Neruda Foundation in 2005. He has participated in national and international poetry gatherings. A preview of his poetic project Historic Doping was published in "Anomalies, 5 Chilean poets" (Zignos Editorial, 2007). Tecnopacha (Zignos Editorial 2008) and Intervened Tecnopacha, 2012. He has won several prizes in various competitions (Gabriela Mistral Floral Games 2008). He is the Coordinator of the Latin American gathering Poetic Decentralization, and directs the Andesgraund publishing house and its poetry schools. He teaches poetry courses in different parts of Chile.

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Augusto Rodríguez  was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in 1979. He is a poet, journalist, editor and professor in the UPS, Guayaquil. He is the author of 20 books of poetry, short stories, novels, interviews and essays in prestigious publishing houses in Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Peru and Ecuador. He has won the David Ledesma Vázquez National Prize for Poetry (2005), the Efraín Jara Idrovo University National Poetry Prize, 2005, an Honorable Mention in the César Dávila Andrade National Poetry Competition, 2005, The Joaquin Gallegos Lara National Short Story Prize, 2011, an Honorable Mention in the Pichincha Poetry Prize, 2012 and Finalist in the Adonáis Prize, Spain, 2013.

He is one of the founders of the cultural group Buseta de Papel. He has been invited to the most important literary events in Madrid, Mexico City, Granada, Havana, Santiago de Chile, Guadalajara, Paris, Caracas, New York, Berlin, Bogotá, Lima, etc. Part of his poetry has been translated into ten languages: English, Arabic, Portuguese, Catalan, Romanian, Italian, German, Turkish, French and Kannada. He is the Editor of Quirofano Editions and Director of the Espinel Ileana Cedeño Guayaquil International Poetry Festival.

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Ángela Suárez  was born in Duitama, Boyacá, Colombia, on 29 January 1979. She is an architect graduated from the National University of Colombia, Bogotá, 2003. She was the winner of the local meeting of young writers Tomalapalabra, University of Rosario, Bogotá, 2002 and 2003. In 2004 she was part of the writers' workshop “Hope and Sand” and in 2007 she belonged to the Silva Poetry Center Workshop. She obtained MA in Creative Writing from the National University of Colombia, Faculty of Arts, Bogota in 2012. In the same year she obtained the Fellowship of literary creation within the framework of national stimulus program of the Colombian Ministry of Culture, Artistic Residences Colombia - Mexico. In 2013 Quirófano Editions publishes some of his poems in the anthology Only the Wound, Twenty Young Colombian Poets, Guayaquil, Ecuador. In the same year she got the Conacyt scholarship to train herself as a specialist in Mexican literature of the twentieth century at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Azcapotzalco, Mexico City; within this period ends the thesis Palinuro Was Here, an analysis of the construction of urban and architectural spaces through language, within the novel “Palinuro” by writer Fernando del Paso. In 2014 she was invited to the VII Espinel Ileana Cedeño International Poetry Festival of Guayaquil. In 2015 the Opera Prima publisher of the National University of Colombia will publish her first book of poems: It Seems You Prefer the Train to Houseplants.


Eliana Maldonado  was born in Medellin in 1978. She is a poet and storyteller. Currently she is conducting her doctoral studies in Literature at the University of Antioquia. She serves as director of the San Javier Library Park in Medellin. She has coordinated creative writing workshops and reading clubs throughout the last two years.

She has been invited to national and international poetry festivals such as the International Poetry Festival of Granada, Spain, the Encuentro de Poetas del Mundo Latino in Mexico and the Medellin International Poetry Festival. Her poems appear in anthologies, as They Write in Medellin, 2007 and Twentieth Century Colombian Poetry Written by Women, 2014. Her poems have been translated into English and Portuguese.

She published the books of poetry: Under the Skin, 2007; Shadow Moons, 2010; Silence is True, 2015. Prizes and Awards: Jazz-Eros Erotic Poetry Award from the National University.

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Edwin Rendón  was born in Fredonia, Antioquia, Colombia, in 1981. He is a poet and professor of Literature. BA in Spanish and Literature at the University of Antioquia. He is coordinator of the Literary Conversation of Fredonia. Work published: Spit, 2000; On a Study of Trees, 2005 (Isaías Gamboa National Poetry Prize); Loser’s Manual, 2011 (Finalist for the First Young Poetry Prize of Medellin and its metropolitan area). His work has been published in the Verso a Verso Foundation Colombian Anthology of Young Poetry.

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Jamila Medina  was born in Cuba in 1981. She is a poet, storyteller, essayist and editor. Bachelor of Arts from the University of Havana. She has published the books of poetry: Spider Hollows (David  Award 2008; Springs Cut, 2012; Of the Heart of the Cabbage and Other Lies, 2013 and Anemone, 2013. The unfinished book "Country of Siguaraya" earned the 2012 Prometeo Scholarship, awarded by La Gaceta de Cuba. She published, in narrative: Rats in the High Night, 2011; Writings on Paper Napkins, 2012. She published the book of essays: Casey Calvert Disseminations, Alejo Carpentier Award 2012. She is also a philologist and editor. Her writing takes imbued between the pubic and public, morphing between air and moist, plants and reinforced concrete. Stress the body and language. Fascination for transgressions and displacements, in any type of rotating portent (swings, trams, roundabouts, stars, rowing small boats, bicycles). She wears a piercing and an armadillo on the forearm.

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Diana Pizarro  was born in Medellin in 1981. She is a poet and lawyer. She entered the poetry motivated by early literary gatherings where her mother's family intervened. She was included in the Anthology of young poetry of Medellin, published in the Magazine Prometeo 90.
She received Honorable Mention in the First Youth Poetry Award from the International Poetry Festival of Medellin in 2011. Her poems were also published in the book "Spring of Word" of the Municipal Youth Council, Medellin, 2002.

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Isabel Dunas  was born in Santa Barbara Antioquia, on 17 February, 1982. She writes poetry since age 17, when she knew the work of poets like Fernando Pessoa, Porfirio Barba Jacob, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Vicente Huidobro, Alejandra Pizarnik, and other poets who inspired her to find a space in the written word. She studied theater, also several semesters of philosophy at the University of Antioquia and is currently studying Translation at the same university.
She has been a singer for 10 years and has traveled doing street music in different villages of Antioquia and in some Colombian cities. She has published her poems in several editions of the magazine Ouroboros of the village of San Cristobal, participating in different events with readings and musical performances. She has been reading the translation in Spanish from past poetry festivals in Medellin and has been invited as a workshop leader for the Gulliver project.

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Ronald Cano  was born in Medellin in 1983. He is a sociologist and a reading promoter, winner of the "2nd Young Poetry Prize City of Medellin and its Metropolitan Area" with the collection of poems entitled "The Animalist". He participated in the 23 Medellin International Poetry Festival.

His poems have been included in the Prometeo Magazine and the Alhucema International Magazine of Theatre and Literature. He participated in the Anthology of Colombian and Peruvian poets "In the Lands of the Condor", 2014. Currently he works with newspapers and cultural magazines.

Dos poemas Revista Prometeo # 94-95
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Felipe López   was born in Manizales, Colombia, in 1985. He is a poet, cultural manager and student of Psychology at the University Institution of Envigado. He is the president of the Sisyphus Cultural Corporation of Envigado, dedicated to the promotion of culture through talks, poetry readings and poetry contests. He was included in Ex-libris (2009) and The Void as a Fullness (2010). He won the Luciano Pulgar Dreams Poetry Award, 2010.

With his work A Trip Within a Scream and the Genealogical Poems, he won the Young Poetry Prize city of Medellin in 2013. According to the jury: "This work reflects a fairly organic poetic universe, expressed in a writing that has weighed language and has placed the world experience and its memory sustained in poetic planes in a voice that goes beyond the civil ego and transports the look around the world, exuding vitality and lucidity."

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Felipe Posada  was born in San Carlos, Antioquia, Colombia, in 1985. Due the Colombian violence, his family moved to Medellin when he was a child. He is a poet, musician, percussionist, sociologist and poetry workshop coordinator for children. He conducts research in the area of ludic pedagogy, which mixes theater, dance, storytelling, poetry, puns and manufacture of musical instruments with different materials.

He has performed poetry workshops for Gulliver project, aimed at children of depressed areas of Medellin. He works with Ciudad Comuna, in the area of audiovisual communication and editing video documentaries. Some of his books of poetry: Day at its Beheading and Arrhythmias in Gray.

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Carlos Andrés Jaramillo nació en Medellín el 12 de Mayo de 1986. Actualmente es estudiante de Filosofía de la universidad de Antioquia. En el 2014 fue ganador de uno de los estímulos al talento creativo otorgado por la Gobernación de Antioquia, en la modalidad Poesía. Ese mismo año publica su primer libro de poemas: Extinciones. En el 2015 es elegido ganador en el IV Premio de Poesía Joven Ciudad de Medellín.

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Yenny León  was born in Medellin in 1987. She studied Hispanic Philology at the University of Antioquia. She has worked as a teacher in the writers network for the same university. She won the First Young Poetry Prize of Medellin and its Metropolitan Area, organized by the Prometeo Magazine and the Medellin International Poetry Festival in 2011, with her collection Triptych.

She also obtained the first place in the Andrés Barbosa Vivas 1st National Youth Poetry Award, 2011 with his poem Water Woman. In 2012, she won the City of Medellin IX Scholarship for Artistic Creation and Cultural, for poetry. In 2013, the Editorial Planeta published her poems Between Trees and Stones. Several of her writings have been published in national and international literary magazines.

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Poemas La Raíz Invertida
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Magdalena Camargo Lemieszek  was born in Szczecin, Poland, on July 1, 1987, but raised and educated in Panama, where she became citizen. She is a poet and storyteller. She studied literature at the University of Panama and has participated in several international poetry festivals in America and Europe.

She has published the books of poetry: Bad Habits, 2008 and Mirror Without Image, 2012, books that both won the Gustavo Batista Cedeño National Poetry Competition in Panama. From Bad Habits, said the author on one occasion: "As a book of poems, it merges three main habits. The habit of love, which consists in submitting without reservation. The habit of the mirror, which is facing the creative process and the habit of summerging oneself in a journey of self-discovery. And finally the dark habit, which involves melancholy, loneliness and teetering on the edge of an abyss while one is broken. "

For her books The Bird and the Kite and All Stories Nest in Your Womb, she earned honorable mentions in the Panama Technological University Award for Literary Promise, 2007.

Carta al hijo que no tendré
Magdalena Camargo Lemieszek gana Concurso de Poesía Gustavo Batista Cedeño 2012
Palabras de Magdalena Camargo Lemieszek en la ceremonia de premiación del Concurso "Gustavo Batista Cedeño" 2008


Robin Myers  was born in New York, USA, in 1987. She lives in Mexico City since 2011, where works as a freelance translator and writes poetry. Several of her poems have been translated into Spanish and published in Letras Libres, Tierra Adentro, Laberinto (supplement to the newspaper Milenio), Metropolis Magazine, Mexico Kafkiano, Transtierros and  Ventizca. Others of her poems in English have appeared in American and international journals.

She has translated and published various writers from Spanish to English, both poets and storytellers; among them Antonio Gamoneda, Juan Gelman, Tedi López Mills, Eduardo Espina, Israel Centeno, Álvaro Bisama, Félix Bruzzone, Ezequiel Zaidenwerg and Alejandro Crotto. She obstained a scholarship from the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) in 2009 and from the Banff Literary Translation Centre (BILTC) for an artist residency in June 2014.

As a poet, she has been invited to various literary events in Mexico such as the Encuentro de Poetas del Mundo Latino, in Aguascalientes; The “Literatura en el Bravo” international gathering of writers in Ciudad Juárez; the Mining Palace International Book Fair and the Verbo Festival, Mexico City.

Lectura de poemas poemas de Robin Myers Antiguo Museo de la Poesía Contemporánea. Youtube Producciones Autismo
Dos poemas
Poems Interlitq
El Brillo Robin Mayers.
Alejandro en el medio del camino - Alejandro at the Halfway Point


Camilo Restrepo  

was born in Medellin in 1987. He is a poet, novelist, literary workshop leader and licentiate in Childhood Education. He belongs to the literary group "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" which published the collective storybook Word Bathing in the River, 2011. His poems have been published in Spain, Colombia and Argentina.

He edits and directs the poetry blog

Poemas Revista Prometeo # 90
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Ataol Behramoglu  was born in Çatalca, Turkey, in 1942. He is a poet, essayist, playwright, literary critic, university professor, translator, cultural and political activist. Part of his youth was spent in exile in Paris and Moscow, for political reasons. He belongs to the coordinating committee of the World Poetry Movement and Co-organizer of the International Poetry Festival of Izmir. He won the Lotus Prize for Literature in 1982 and The Great Prize of Poetry 2003, by Turkish İnternational P.E.N.

He has published the books of poetry: Neither Rain… Nor Poems, 1976; During the Siege, 1978; The Epic of Moustapha Suphi, 1979; Quatrins, 1980; The Babies Do Not Have Nations, 1988; You Are My Beloved, 1993; Love Requires Two People, 1999; Gazal of a New Love, 2002; and I've Learned Some Things, 2008.

In his words: "People have always expressed their emotions, worries, joys, especially and more clearly for poetry. This means that regardless of the social and political circumstances, poetry always be necessary. Even if all forms of art experience a loss of importance over time, poetry, as a way to face the universe and destiny, always maintain its role as a destination fellow for the human beings."

Si muero será un día al acercarse la tarde 21 Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellin. Youtube/revistaprometeo
Poemas Revista Prometeo # 88-89
I’ve Learned Some Things Presentation.


Pornpen Hantrakool, born 1947 in the old quarter of Bangkok near Chao Phya River, Thailand, has been a Professor at Tenri University in Japan and an Associate Professor at Silpakorn University of Thailand. For a long time she has taught history. In her career, she has had some works published, both in Thai and in English. Also she has been a guest lecturer and researcher in many universities, including Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and India. She now writes and translates poetry. From time to time she has been invited to participate in international poetry and literary festivals in certain countries - Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, and Kenya.

Having done some academic works on Vietnamese history, historiography, and literature, in 2012 she was granted an honorable certificate with a decoration from the Vietnamese Writer Association for her pioneering contribution to Vietnamese Studies, particulary in literature.

Some of her poems have been published in magazines and anthologies. She has had two books published on poetry : “Springs and Autumns Speeding Through Time” is her first bilingual book of poetry written in Thai and in English, and “hoa gi?u m?t - hidden face flower - composed by Mai Van Ph?n, is her second bilingual book of poetry translated from Vietnamese into English and into Thai.


Hanan Awwad    is a Palestinian poet with an extensive firsthand knowledge of the strife-torn history of her people. She was born in Jerusalem and comes from a prosperous family of scholars, whose legacy to her has been a strong attachment to her Palestinian homeland, together with an abiding determination to work towards removing the destabilizing features in present day Arab society. She is an advocate in universal freedoms and human rights.

Ms. Awwad has published several works on the Image of Arab Women Literature, and the political evolution of the Palestinian nation. Among her Important works are: I write With My Blood, 1983; The Betrothed Returns, 1988; I Have Chosen Danger, 1988; Dialogue, From Behind Barbed Wire, 1993; Perspectives of Palestinian Literature, 1995; In the Beginning You –Palestine’ Episodes of the Seige, 2004. Her works were published in many languages including, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, finish and Japanese.

Ms. Awwad is a member of various professional unions, she was a founder of the union of Palestinian writers in the occupied territories, and was elected its secretary general in 1996, and a founder of the Palestinian union of journalists .In 1992 Ms. Awwad founded the Palestinian PEN Centre in the aegis of PEN international. As a writer who has personally felt the heavy hand of the censor, she is especially committed to the principles of PEN, to freedom of expression and protection for all writers who live under military dictatorship.

Palestina: Memorias del sitio Por Hanan Awwad. Libros Google.
Es tiempo de que triunfe. Lectura de poemas Canal YouTube Revista Prometeo
Antología de poemas Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellin
Antología de poemas Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellin
Woman International League for Peace and Freedom
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Nouri Al Jarrah    was born in Damascus, Syria, in 1956. He is a poet and founding editor of many literary magazines in Beirut, Cyprus, London and the United Arab Emirates. He cofounded the recent Alternative Syrian Writers Association.

He lives between London and the United Arab Emirates. With his first book of poems published in the early '80s, he became part of the new wave of poetry in prose, of which he has been a major figure with Abbas Beydoun, Bassam Hajjar and Salim Barakat.

In all the changes of his poetry has gone through, especially with location changes, one thing has remained constant - a child's perspective of a direct gaze removing appearance, giving very personal access to the questions of poetry, world, love and time.

He has published, among other books of poems: The Child, 1982; Death's Childhood, 1992; A Dark Glass, 1993; Hamlet’s Gardens, 2003; and Collected Works, 2008.

Poems Banipal
Lyrikline web Ocho poemas en árabe
Un poema
Sept jours (Poème)
Voix Vives Montpellier Youtube Nouri al-Jarrah (Syrie).Traduction: Saleh Diab. Lu par Ghislain de Fonclare, Présentation: M Thion.
Facebook Nouri Al-Jarrah


Yang Ke     is a prominent representative of the “folk writing” movement in China and witness to many vital moments of Chinese poetry in the past thirty years. Since 1985, Yang Ke has published eleven collections of poems (including Yang Ke’s Poems)as well as three collections of essaysand an anthology. His works have been included in more than 300 poetry anthologies, such as Chinese New Literature Series(1976—2000), Centennial Collection of Chinese New Poems, and University Language and Literature, and translated into English, Japanese, German, French, Korean and Indonesian. He has edited every Chinese New Poems Yearbook published between 1998 and 2014,their Ten Year Poetry Anthology, Hazy Poem Anthology (China Series fourth volume), along with many other selections of poetry.

He has delivered poetry lectures to teachers and students at a dozen colleges and universities as well as over a hundred middle and elementary schools. His poetry was presented at China Central TV’s 2008 New Year Eve’s New Poetry Reading. He was invited to participate in several International Poetry Conferences and Literary Exchanges in Germany, Japan, Australia, Finland, Norway, Philippines, Indonesia, etc. Yang Ke has won numerous literature awards in mainland China and Taiwan, including the eighth Lu Xun’s Literature Award for Guangdong Province, Top Ten in the First Chinese Poetry Bi-annual Awards (2006-2007), and the Chinese Contemporary Poetry (2000-2010) Dedication Award.

Yang Ke now lives in Guangzhou, where he serves as vice president of the Guangdong Writer’s Association and President of Literary Works, a literary magazine.

Poemas Tumblr. Festival de Poesía de Medellin


Galsansukh Baatar nació en Daldal, Khentii, Provincia de Mongolia, el 1 de enero de 1972. Ha sido reconocido como uno de los poetas más destacados e innovadores en la generación de nuevos creadores en su país. Se graduó en el Instituto Máximo Gorki de Literatura en Moscú. En 2006 obtuvo la especialización académica en el Instituto de Literatura "Corea" en Seúl. Ha publicado, entre otros libros, su antología poética: Consejo a Dios, 2012.

Al decir de su traductor al inglés, DELGEMAA Ganbat "La poesía de Galsansukh Baatar es de su Mongolia natal, pero "foránea” ya que viola totalmente el vocabulario tradicional, la gramática y las características de la poesía y literatura de Mongolia desde el inicio de la carrera del poeta, en su adolescencia a finales de los años 80".

Brief presentation


Dinah Roma    is Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at De La Salle University, Manila where is she also Chair of its Department of Literature. She is the author of three books of poetry: A Feast of Origins (UST 2004), which won the 2004 Philippine National Book Award for Poetry in English, and two other major awards; Geographies of Light (UST 2011), whose core collection won the country’s Carlos Palanca Award for Poetry in English in 2007, was one of the finalists in the 2011 Philippine National Book Award for Poetry; and, her most recent collection Naming the Ruins  (2014) published by Vagabond Press, an Australian independent literary press, was launched in Sydney, Singapore, and Manila.

Roma’s works explore the liminal spaces between place and language, where possibilities of journeys are manifold. While her first book celebrates her beginnings in the craft of poetry, her second one pursues bolder wanderings that merge her favorite motifs of travel and its epiphanies. It draws inspiration from the rich traditions of Asia to chart the traveler’s passage across landscapes and terrains, peoples and cultures, through time and memory. Her third volume begins her on a new track as she ruminates on the guises of ruins—its internal and external landscapes—in our encounter with every day. In it she reflects on the destruction of climate change in her oft-devastated country.

Donna Miscolta's When the de la Cruz Family Danced Review by Dinah Roma
Presentation of book Naming the Ruins
Poet Dinah Roma launches third book
Two articles By Dinah Roma.
Dinah Roma reads from Naming The Ruins Youtube Lit Singapore


Basir Ahang    was born in 1984 in Ghazni, Afghanistan. He is a Hazara poet, journalist and human rights activist from Afghanistan. Basir graduated with a degree in Persian Literature from Kabul University in 2007. After receiving threats by Taliban for his activities in Afghanistan, Basir Ahang moved to Italy In 2008 where he continued his university studies in International Relations in Padua University. He has published “Sarzamine Badamhaye Talkh” an anthology of his poems in Persian. In 2014 one of his poems won the Special Jury Award at the International Poetry Festival of Sassari (Italy). His poems have been translated in Italian and English. In 2015 his poems will be published in Italian by Gilgamesh Publishing Company. Basir Ahang is also a member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists) since January 2009. He wrote many reports and made a documentary about the refugees and asylum seekers in Europe and particularly in Greece. A part of this documentary was broadcast on “Rai 1” Italy’s public television. Ahang has so far, written hundreds of reports on refugees and their legal rights, women rights, freedom of speech and human rights violation in Afghanistan. His articles are written in Persian, Italian and English which are published in different online and printing media such as Kabul Press, BBC Persian, Radio Zamaneh, Deutsche Welle and Hazara People International Network.

Website Basir Ahang
Interview By Angelo Boccato
News -Italiano-
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Dino Siotis  born in Tinos, Greece, on 19 December 1944. He is a poet, novelist, essayist, journalist, diplomat, and editor of several literary and political journals. He is part of the coordinating committee of the World Poetry Movement.

He has published over twenty books in Greek and English, including: So What, 1972; Foreign Territory, 2001; The Solstice of the Angels, 2006; Peeling the Poem, 2010; Crisis, 2014.

In his own words "The mundane is part of the metaphysical and the metaphysical is an extension of reality. The surreal has become real and vice versa. Poetry does not have to make us feel sad or bitter. Poetry may make us strong to face mediocrity, should strengthen our spirit and awake all of us showing us what is real and what lies amidst all the fluff called "life". The true poets are prophets and poetry is the safest way of interpreting life".

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Bengt Berg  born 1946 in Torsby, Värmland, Sweden. University studies in Uppsala (German and Nordic languages, Literary- and Art studies), Worked as a free writer and translator since 1975.  Member of the Swedish Parliament (2010-14). Since 1990 Bengt Berg has operated the publishing house, Heidruns Förlag, Editor in Chief, and an Art Café in his home village in the Province of Värmland.

Bengt Berg made his debut in 1974 with the poetry collection "Where the Dream Ends", and has written more than 35 books, mostly poetry. Poems by Bengt Berg have been translated into Nordic languages as well as Arabian, Hebrew, English, German, Dutch, Greek, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Latvian, Vietnamese and Hindi and Malyalam.

Poetry festivals: Medellín (Colombia), Granada (Nicaragua) Struga (Macedonia) och Druskininkai (Litauania), Nisan  (Israel), Jan Smrek Festival (Slovakia), Kritya (India), Târgul Festival de Poezie (Romania), ”Poetry on the Road” (Germany) and others. Prizes: Several Swedish Literary prizes, among them some from The Swedish Academy. 2014 was Collected Poems published.(Dikter genom 40 år). Member of the Swedish Parliament 2010-14.
Characteristics: Bengt Berg's poems "are full of humour and warmth, and characterized by sharp insights into the oddities of people and situations. With time he has become more and more aware of form - without sacrificing other merits - and his poems appear at times to have been written by an Eastern master."

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Ivo Svetina  was born in 1948 in Ljubljana. He graduated in comparative literature and literary theory studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. He writes poetry, drama texts and essays and got several prizes and honorable mentions for his literary work. He has translated several significant text, eg The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Tibetan Mistery Plays.

During 1968-1977 he was engaged in the experimental theatres Pupilija Ferkeverk and Pekarna (Bakery); the performance Gilgamesh was created under his direction. In 1978  he got employment at the Cultural Society of Slovenia, later he worked as a dramatist and a Programme Editor at the Television Slovenia. 1985-1992 he was as a dramatist and Artistic Director at the Slovensko mladinsko gledališče (Mladinsko Theatre).

1993-1998 he as a State Undersecretary at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia he was in charge of artistic and other creative programs. In 1998 he was appointed a Director of National Theatre Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana. Ivo Svetina is a member of Slovene Writers  Association and the Sloven PEN Centre.

Poems Lyrikline


Paul de Brancion  born in France in 1951. He is a poet and novelist. He studied philosophy and has long been a lecturer of Romance languages and literature (Aarhus, Denmark, Strasbourg).

He has worked with contemporary composers, including Gilles Dodger. He currently lives and works in Paris. He is founder and editor of the literary magazine Sarrazine (since 1993). He has been producer and radio host (for literary programs in Strasbourg and Paris).

He has published, among others, the following books: The Castle of Stars, Strange Story of Tycho Brahe, Astronomer and Noble, 1985; The Cederfeld’s Boy, 1991; Contrary Wind, 2003; Alexander’s Bed, 2005; The Oblivion Walker, 2006; Waiting Time , 2010; My Death is Dead, 2011.

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Marry A. Somby  was born in Sirma, Norway, on July 31, 1953. She belongs to the Sami nation. She made her debut in 1976, when she wrote the first book for children in the Sami language. She has since published several books of poetry, written much drama and has also been an actress, painter, puppeteer and activist in defense of the Sami people. For a time she lived in North and South America. In 1979 she founded the Sami Writers Association, which inspired many artists to build their own organizations.

Books published: Ráiddostallan, 1983; Raiden går, 1993; Solens datter: et samisk eventyr, Beaivvas nieida, 1990; Uhcastáloš, 1993; Guovžža gazza; ja Guovssahasa lávlla, 1993; Krigeren, elskeren og klovnen = Mu apache ràhkesvuohta, 1994; dikt, samisk parallelltekst og Ráhkisvuoða soahki. Sami Beaivváš teáhter, 1996; Samisk skyggespill. Med Anne Helgesen. Dukketeatermanus, 1998; Okto = Alene; om et drama John Andreas Savio. Sami Beaivváš teáhter, 2002; Bajándávgi, 2004; portretter og bokomslag Birkeland, Risa, Vold. 2005; Morten Haugen (red.). Barnas forfatterleksikon. Damm, 2003.

Marry Ailonieida Somby Youtube Channel
Words from the Edge Article about Marry and other indigenous poets


Stefano Strazzabosco  was born in Italy in 1964. He obtained a Doctorate in Italian Studies, Poetics and Rhetoric (University of Padua). He has published the books of poetry: Racconto, 1995; Dímmene tante, 2003; Blister, Spanish-Italian bilingual version, 2009; 66, 2013; P. Planh por Pier Paolo Pasolini, 2014), Essays (on Guido Piovene, Goffredo Parise, Giacomo Leopardi, Giordano Bruno, Cesare Pavese, etc.), translations (Octavio Paz, Fabio Morabito, Tonino Guerra, Carlos Montemayor, Aurelio Arturo, José Manuel Arango, Juan Gelman, etc.) and the theatrical monologue, Tina. (Masque sobre/su Tina Modotti, Italian Spanish-bilingual version, Sinopia 2007.

After working for six years as reader of Italian language and Literature at the National Polytechnic Institute, the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Italian Institute of Culture of the City of Mexico, he lives predominantly in Vicenza, Italy, where develops his work as a teacher and has led the international poetry festival "dire poesia" (

Información Bio-bibliográfica -Italiano-
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Kate Newmann  was born in Co Down, Northern Ireland in 1965, where she is one of the most recognized poets of her generation. She also directs writing creative workshops and is an editor. She has published, among other books of poems: I am (With Joan Newmann, 1999); The Blind Woman in the Blue House, 2001, Belongings (With Joan Newmann, 2007) and I Am A Horse, 2011.

She also published books: The Dictionary of Ulster Biography, 1993; Moving on Anthology of Poetry and Prose, 1998; and Memories of Stone, Irish Studies at the Evergreen State College, 2004.

She has received, among other awards, the Allingham Poetry Prize and the Listowel Poetry Prize.

One poem


Mite Stefoski  was born in Struga, Macedonia, in 1975. He is a poet, short story writer, essayist, critic and editor. He studied Philology, Comparative Literature and Literary Theory. He runs the Struga Poetry Evenings, the oldest international festival of the contemporary poetry world, which is held annually in late August since 1962.

In his poetic art, he believes that "... Probably one day they will know that I invented that poem, but no one will know for sure that I also invented the street, with everything that is there. They will suppose, however, be convinced, that this is a street of my childhood, a real street, a different street, that somehow deserves to have a poem written about it. Some maybe will look it up. Some will not read that poem, about the narrow, cobbled street. Some will try to walk there. Will my street in their imagination be the same that I imagined? Will I walk down my street or walk upon their unfamiliar streets? They will build a city with similar streets, and yet different, alien, dark, sinister. However, my street will remain one and unique in this unique city. Or maybe, will the poem disappear?.."

Poemas Círculo de Poesía
Struga poetry evenings
Mite Stefoski LinkedIn


María Augustina Hâncu    born on August 9, 1981, Berezlogi village, Orhei, Moldova. She began writing in elementary school. During high school, she published her first two books of poetry: In the Shadow of Destiny, 1998 and Light Crying, 1999. At the University of Provence in Marseille, France, she earned a bachelor and a Master of Arts in French Literature. She worked as a journalist in Brussels and taught English and Spanish at the University of Provence, Aix-en-Provence, France. She has published articles in literary and cultural magazines in Belgium, Spain, France and Panama. She has written seven books of poetry, prose and screenplays. She is author of the Moldavia Poetry Anthology (Romanian-Castilian), 44 poets. She is the only Hispanic writer of the Moldovan Writers Union.

Video Youtube UnSfertDeVroba cu Ilona Spataru -Moldavo-


Marko Pogačar   was born in 1984 in Split, Yugoslavia. He is an editor of Quorum, a literary magazine, and Zarez, a bi-weekly for cultural and social issues. His publications include four poetry collections, three books of essays and a short story collection. He was a fellow of, among others, Civitella Ranieri, Passa Porta, Milo Dor, Brandenburger Tor, Internationales Haus der Autoren Graz and Récollets-Paris fellowships. He was awarded for poetry, prose, and essays, his texts appeared in about thirty languages.

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Rafael Lechowski was born 13 from February 1985 in Wroclaw, Poland . At the moment it resides in Saragossa. Young person rapero and poet Rafael Lechowski, that next to Carlos Talavera and Francisco Javier Sanz published his first scale model “In-Extremis” in the year 2000.

Its following work in the form of scale model "Zerdos and diamantes" it drew attention of David Busqueta. Thanks to it, this scale model was reedited in the form of LP through record Hip Hop Style, being the first group in publishing in this company. They managed to sell more than 15,000 copies of this work.

In Temptations 2004 next to other young talents was named young promises of the art in Spain by the newspaper “the Country” as the actor Juan Jose Crossbow.

In March of 2007 published “Where it hurts inspires”. An atypical disc that has waked up great sense of expectancy between the listeners and mass media. Poetry to rate of jazz without refrains and collaborations as the one of the legendary Jamaican Gregory Isaacs has turned this disc into one of great works of the national Rap. Recently they have adapted "Where it hurts inspira" to the direct one with jazz musicians… The last associated project to Flowklorikos is the instrumental album of Rafael Lechowski, whose edition this anticipating for the end of the 2008. Iola in honor is called to its mother and is its particular approach to the essence of soul of seventy by means of loops and real instrument layouts.


Ron Riddell   was born in New Zealand. He has worked/performed all over the world. A painter, musician and the author of a number of plays and novels, he has published 22 collections of verse. His most recent novel is The Guardian of the Shield (2013) and his latest poetry collection Children in the Rain (2014). His work has been translated into seven languages.

Ron Riddell website


Martin Langford   was born in Plymouth, Devon, England, in 1952. He emigrated to Australia at age 8. He is a poet, writer for children and cultural manager. He has published six books of poetry, including: Faultlines, 1991; The Great Wall of Instinct, 1993; Be Straight With Me, 2000; Island, 2000; The Human Project: new and selected, 2009. He also published Microtexts, 2005 (collection of aphorisms on poetry and poetics). On several occasions he directed the Australia Poetry Festival.

"His work, influenced by the landscapes of Sydney, explores the ways in which we could imagine ourselves beyond our heredity and evolution of our social and imaginative spaces". In the words of Judith Beveridge, “his poetry at once tough and musical… and a mind that can think to the point of revelation within its chosen figures or images.” And according to Susan Wicks." (the poems) put forward what amounts to a poetic worldview with complete commitment at every level – moral, intellectual, emotional, linguistic – and the result is undeniable authority.”

Interview Martin Langford: on Poetry. By Jacqui Dent. -English-
Review The Human Project: New and Selected Poems
The Pleasure of Well Made Rooms Poetry in Review By Martin Langford.
The Accumulation of Instances: Martin Langford launches ‘Peony’ By Eileen Chong.
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Samuel Wagan Watson  was born in Brisbane in 1972. In his blood coexist Irish, German, Bundjalung and Birri Gubba ancestors.

He has published, among other books of poetry: Of Muse, Meandering and Midnight, 1999; Itinerant Blues, 2002; Hotel Bone, 2001; Smoke Encrypted Whispers, 2004 (Kennett Slessor Poetry Prize for best poetry book 2005); Three Legged Dogs and Other Poems, 2005.

He won the David Unaipon Award for poetry for young indigenous writers. His poetry ranges from observation of everyday life and the effects of colonization on a vividly direct, almost tactile language. Among other awards he received in 2000 a major award for outstanding contribution to Australian culture.

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